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Citizen NH8380 Diver Automatic Watch

Citizen NH8380 Diver Automatic Watch

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Just got mine today. Already changed bands and put a waffle strap on it. Looks good but the bezel is a little tinny sounding other than that it’s a nice watch
I don't get it, why is it already gone? There was like 4 days left to the end of the campaign
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I missed that part, there were only 9 sold when I saw it this morning :(
I know. It was just a little counter beneath the title: 9 sold (31left). I haven't noticed it ad first either. They should put it in description.
Been waiting for this to hit here and now it's come and gone before I have a chance to get one...just my luck. Amazon, here I come!
I have this blue. Awesome for what it is. I swim with it all the time with no issues. Really cool watch...
Already gone! Anyone know the price?
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$109.99 for the brushed one.
Ah dang I would've bought that, this was gone quick though
Anyone looking to purchase this watch and actually dive with it may want to hold off. 100m water resistance translates into taking a shower and/or a bit of a swim - it does not mean diving. In addition, I would have appreciated a bit more info on the clasp on the strap - true dive watches take clasps to a new level, expanding the strap to allow it to be worn over a wetsuit or other diving clothing.

All that said, I believe Citizen did a lovely job on creating a dive aesthetic with the overall design of the watch face - I would be far more appreciative of it had it sported a 200m 'real' dive watch rating. As it stands, this is a sheep in wolf's clothing.
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Hi Erik, I think we're both on the same page here. :) My original post indicated that 100m was good for swimming (surface snorkeling) and showering (your Citizen link supports this also), but not so much for diving.
The crown does not tighten down in mine.
The black Pvd on a waffle would be sick!
Looks like a solid deal. My tiny wrist will keep me out of this one unfortunately.
Massdrop, you cruel temptress, just when I pulled the trigger on the Orient Bambino you put up this nice looking and affordable automatic diver on sale : (
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Mbot is at it again... sad little POS that he is...
Lol easy there with those insults you lot😁

It's the watches here at Massdrop that are a POS
I have the black pvd version of this watch and it is really nice. The MD price is a bit lower of the price I paid on an offer on amazon. Go for it if you can!
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