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Creative Sound BlasterX H5 Special Edition

Creative Sound BlasterX H5 Special Edition

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Is this a 7.1 channel headphone or not?
If you purchase the add-on option then yes it is.

Sound BlasterX G1 Option (+ $27)

first off the fit is best Ive had for blocking out unwanted noise, I used mine for an online course. The sound is the very best part crystal clear and fully adjustable
Why should I get this over any other 7.1 headset?while it looks nice, an additional dongle doesn't seem the way to go considering I could lose it or from reading, risk of it failing.
I just received my H7 Tournament today and haven't tried them yet. Is it pretty much H5+G1 all in one?
It's close, yes. I think the drivers are slightly different on the H7.
H5 or h7 tournament edition ??
I have a pair of these purchased elsewhere. The headphones themselves are fine, but the included adapter that goes from TRRS to TRS+TS for use with normal devices is garbage. The first one failed, replaced for cost of shipping, and now the second one is failing. If you get this, plan to use your own adapter or go without if you already have the right hookups.
Not bad. They have a good sound. I'm really disappointed in the G1, though. I'm on Z97X Gaming 5 MoBo with SounBlaster X-Fi MB-3. I expected more from the G1. I get a little louder sounds. 7.1 doesn't work always and for some reason it's not compatible with the MB3 Software?! I can't use it as an output and every sound enhancement is disabled. I tried the software on the back of the headphones. It's not bad, but it has only game optimizations and just for certain games. Would've been good if there was an option to pick bass, surround and so on. I'm going to play a little more when I have time but I'm probably not going to use the G1. Shame, really. As for the headphones - my Kingston HyperX Siberia Limited give a good fight. The H5 produce a louder sound, have better isolation, in my opinion, and are a better fit for my ears. I still feel like with the MB3 and equalizer that the HyperX produce a louder bass. If you're into communicating - I feel like the H5 produce incredible voices. A few times I was startled because it feels like someone is next to you. The build quality is absolutely amazing - no comment there. Super sexy and comfortable. I expected a little more, though. I still can't find the right settings for 5.1 or 7.1. On the G1 - I also tried installing the software at the back of the box. It couldn't detect the G1. Also another thing about Creative (not sure). It's either my hearing, or Creative headphones sound louder from the right side. I feel it a bit with the H5 and I got an Outlier Sports a week or two ago and it's the same there. All in all, I'm happy with my purchase and I'd rate it 4/5. -1 for the G1 behavior and a little bit on the software side.
Wow, so many problems with these, I don't even know where to begin. I bought the USB soundcard in order to bypass my own system's soundcard, because I thought it would minimize conflicts and headaches, but no such luck:

1. The mic doesn't work. I test it in Skype, and it's detected OK, but the volume bar doesn't move at all when I speak. Oddly enough, when I press the phone answer button next to the volume, the volume bar flickers a little. So something is being sent to my computer. But not my voice. (They did work for the first, idk, 10 minutes I had the device plugged in? Then promptly stopped. They do work when plugged directly into my computer. So it may be due to a crappy driver.)

2. Sound is really weak, even with system, mp3 program, and headset dongle volume all at 100%. When I go into the driver program's preview to check how 7.1 sounds, the simulated front speaker outputs almost no volume, so that's probably connected.

3. Zero bass. Again, in the preview program, literally nothing is outputted while the subwoofer is flashing.

4. Zero stereo separation. I tried 7.1, headphone 7.1, and 2.0 in the preview. No stereo.

I use Windows 7. I'll post an update if I manage to fix any of these problems (and how), but for now I cannot recommend this headset or soundcard dongle.

EDIT: I've confirmed that the audio problem, at least, is hardware related (still don't know about the mic). I plugged it directly into the headphone jack on my computer, ignoring the usb soundcard, and it still utterly lacked bass (and center speaker as well, I think). I plugged in a much cheaper set of earbuds and the sound was glorious in comparison.
Seriously sounds like you got a defective pair. I have been testing this set for over a year and do not have any of the problems that you have experienced. I will get you in touch with Creative Labs to get these fixed or swapped out.
Hey there, this definitely sounds like something is up with the cabling of the headset (not all the channels are being played back to you).

So please make sure the cable to the headset is inserted all the way in (this will also affect voice input as well to your computer if the jack isn't properly seated in the cable.

If that doesn't work we will definitely take care of you swiftly. You can reach me directly at and we'll get you taken care of.

This is definitely not the usual user we apologize for that...but we'll take care of you immediately.
In poland this headphones cost 300zł it's about 60$
The mic doesn't work but i get refund very quickly
Very good after selling service
Thanks to Harley for helping me
But if your mic work, it's not the best quality but the headset are super confortable, lightweight and durable .
The cushions are good and the headband too
Braided cables that seems durable.

So a good headset if it doesn't bug
My set is out for delivery today, I will write a short sweet review when I get home.

Edit 7/3/17:
So they are actually very nice, I didn't think the detachable Mic would be a feature that I would be glad to have but its very nice to be able to instantly go between music or playing on my 3ds to then plug in that Mic and go into an xbox one online game. They are very comfortable, one of the more comfortable headphones. They are not very low key, I dont anticipate I will wear them in public, but for my private 3ds or Xbox live chat with my friends, they're awesome.

These sound great, are lightweight and having the features of a detachable mic with great audio pickup quality. A separate volume slider/ mic mute is amazing. Great set of budget gaming headphones!
If you have an older PC/laptop with a really low end sound option, only own a pair of cheap ear bud type devices with an inline mic, then this might be for you. Everyone else? Last year I did an extensive test/tryout of over 20 "gaming" headsets, ranging from under $100 to over $300. Result? Every single one had inferior sound quality when compared to a decent $90 "traditional" headphone.

Best advice I came across during this process was: buy a decent, comfortable "regular" headphone and add a good mic of your choice. Everything else on these "gaming" sets are smoke, mirrors and profit.
Ok so my computers sound card is already supposed to support surround sound 7.1 so I was wondering, will the in-line amp make a difference? Will the headset be capable of the same "surround setup" with or without and just not have the boost from the amp? Any insight would be appreciated.
If you already have a proper sound card, then that card has a built-in DSP (for processing 7.1 virtual surround), a DAC, and an amp. If you add a G1, the computer would choose to use EITHER the sound card OR the G1, not both at the same time. The G1 is pretty entry-level, but beats built-in laptop sound quality.
I bought these last drop and never got them. I put in tickets ect... Not sure who shipped them but they were listed as delivered never delivered.
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I messaged you many weeks ago, I been offline most of the summer.
I have no idea where I would find one, the customs near me is a museum.