Darn Tough Mens Steely Socks (2-Pack)search

Darn Tough Mens Steely Socks (2-Pack)

Darn Tough Mens Steely Socks (2-Pack)

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Are these good for backpacking in the northeast U.S.?
I have a few pairs of Darn Tough boot socks. I ride a motorcycle and wear boots with an 11" upper. The boot socks work great. They don't slide down below the top of the upper, which would bug the heck out of me if they did, but I was kinda nervous when I bought 'em that I would always be tuggin' 'em back up. Am glad to say I've never tugged at 'em once. Assuming these are the same length since they're also called boot socks, I can easily recommend them for riding, skiing, hiking, what have you.

The only problem I have with the Description is that it just says the cushioning is "high density," it doesn't say which level of cushioning they correspond to on the chart. There are two levels that say high density in the specs, the first being "Cushion" and the second being "Padded Cushion." I'm guessing these are likely Cushion, but if I'm wrong, I'm sure all who are interested in this drop would like to know which level they are. Either MD or a Darn Tough representative should let us know as soon as possible.

ETA: I just went to Darn Tough's website and found that the boot socks in this drop list for $24 bucks per pair, and they are Full Cushion throughout the entire sock. The Title of the page says it's "Full Cushion Toe," but the Description says throughout the sock. Either way, There's only one level higher of cushioning after Full Cushion, and that's Extra Cushion. Think I'll be in on this one. It looks like it will ship before it gets very cold down here in Dixie.
These are great socks. I bough a pair of these 3 or 4 years ago and they are still going strong.
I'll have to check the pricing, but IIRC this price is neither cheap nor dear for these particular socks.
There is a coupon you can apply at checkout
Which thickness is the Steely Sock?
Hi Everyone,

Please take notice to the Note section on the drop description page that states the following:

Note: The drop price listed is the Minimum Advertised Price set by the manufacturer. Massdrop is not allowed to advertise lower than the MAP price.
At checkout, you’ll be able to pick your style and activate a coupon (-$10).
so I get an email stating that this drop is on, but its not?
I did, as well. Not sure what happened.
I wear women’s 9.5 or 10 shoes depending on brand and style, should I go with the S or M for socks? Do they shrink at all? Thanks!
No XXL this time. :(
Is there any update on shipping? I got a message on Feb 19 with a tracking number, but it just says a label was created, and nothing else has happened.
Any word on the shipping date? whyd it get delayed from the 6th?
Hey folks, i bought a pair of irregular Darn Tough in TJmax about a month ago and they are comfortable. Also at this price for two😁definitely worth it!
Any chance of more large boot socks?
i have to say that the price is HALF that of other online vendors most have these at 25-29 bucks....FOR ONE PAIR not 2 . so there's that.....
Are these any good for cold weather?
In short, yes. I do find the Darn Tough's thicker cushion versions warmer than the thinner ones, naturally. These Steely socks and the Darn Tough Hunter socks are typical of my sock wear for all but peak summer - making up one part of my footwear system with good warm boots in the winter. I do have other socks that are thicker than any of my Darn Tough socks. My Wigwam Ice socks, which are the only Wigwams I have anymore, and a pair of Austrian-made boiled wool socks come out when I'm in really deep cold - in boots that are sized to handle the much thicker socks.
No love for people with S sized feet?
Really love Darn Tough socks but for the last few Darn Tough drops, there's really a lack of S sized socks choices available.
considering most of the drops dont have them sized for guys with large feet. id say you have an advantage. lol
Do these fit women? I have tiny feet though :(