Darn Tough Mens Steely Socks (2-Pack)search

Darn Tough Mens Steely Socks (2-Pack)

Darn Tough Mens Steely Socks (2-Pack)

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so I get an email stating that this drop is on, but its not?
I did, as well. Not sure what happened.
I wear women’s 9.5 or 10 shoes depending on brand and style, should I go with the S or M for socks? Do they shrink at all? Thanks!
No XXL this time. :(
Is there any update on shipping? I got a message on Feb 19 with a tracking number, but it just says a label was created, and nothing else has happened.
Any word on the shipping date? whyd it get delayed from the 6th?
Hey folks, i bought a pair of irregular Darn Tough in TJmax about a month ago and they are comfortable. Also at this price for two😁definitely worth it!
Any chance of more large boot socks?
i have to say that the price is HALF that of other online vendors most have these at 25-29 bucks....FOR ONE PAIR not 2 . so there's that.....
Are these any good for cold weather?
In short, yes. I do find the Darn Tough's thicker cushion versions warmer than the thinner ones, naturally. These Steely socks and the Darn Tough Hunter socks are typical of my sock wear for all but peak summer - making up one part of my footwear system with good warm boots in the winter. I do have other socks that are thicker than any of my Darn Tough socks. My Wigwam Ice socks, which are the only Wigwams I have anymore, and a pair of Austrian-made boiled wool socks come out when I'm in really deep cold - in boots that are sized to handle the much thicker socks.
No love for people with S sized feet?
Really love Darn Tough socks but for the last few Darn Tough drops, there's really a lack of S sized socks choices available.
considering most of the drops dont have them sized for guys with large feet. id say you have an advantage. lol
Do these fit women? I have tiny feet though :(
So I finally really put these to the test: I work 12 hour shifts in the oilfield and just finished a 2 week hitch. Keeping my feet happy with is vital to keeping me happy. Temps ranged from the mid 40s to the low 90s (7-32 for the metric dependent) and my feet were comfortable and never hot or cold. These didn't let me down and I ordered another 2 pair when I saw them drop again. Highly recommended.
I hear nothing but great things about Darn Tough socks. I've never tried them. They seem a little expensive and just how many models do they make? I mean if someone were to try one, which? I swear they make 43 different 'models'.

Are they really that much better than everyone else? Am I missing out? I like socks. I probably don't need any more..
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I work on my feet. They get dirty, wet,
and muddy, hot and cold. Sometimes all of that in the same day. These socks are the best I've ever owned. You are right about the massive amount of options. Something for every occasion. I've tried a bunch. I want to try more. They run super thick to really thin, short to tall. Even the thin ones cushion my feet better than any other brand I've tried. The same socks keep my feet warm in the chilly mornings and cool in the scorching afternoons. No exaggeration. My work days can start in the low 40s and be in the mid eighties 3 hours later. I used to change socks 2 to 3 times a day. Not since I found these. The first pair I bought was because they were on sale and the salesperson was super enthusiastic about them. Went back the next day and dropped $200 on various configurations. No regrets. Normally I'm super conservative with my spending, and I'm very aware that a single pair costs more than a 6 pack of the regular socks I used to buy. But those 6 socks wouldn't breath like these, heat AND cool like these, and they'd be shredded before the season was done. These are unequivocally worth the price.
Same for me. I wore my DTS on the JMT hiking and they still feel brand new. I bought other Smart Wool socks after that and haven't worn them even 1/4 as much and had to throw them away due to holes in heel and sole areas. For me, well worth the money and comfort. My sister tried on a pair and won't give them back LOL.
These are perfect socks the best I have.
Super comfortable. Account for a half (european) size extra than your average,

Hope these drop again soon