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Dekoni Blue by Fostex Planar-Magnetic Headphones

Dekoni Blue by Fostex Planar-Magnetic Headphones

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Fostex Drivers, Dekoni Pads

This new variant of the renowned T50RP MKIII is a collaboration between Fostex and Dekoni, a company well loved on Massdrop for its excellent line of headphone pads. Done in a distinctive light blue, these headphones feature Fostex’s proprietary planar-magnetic drivers and come installed with Dekoni’s Elite Hybrid ear pads. These pads improve upon the original model’s sound, making it less fatiguing and smoother all around with an extended bass response. The sheepskin outer ring gives you all the isolation you need, while the velour face has a soft, luxurious feel. You’ll also get an extra pair of Elite Velour pads. Both sets use slow-rebound, high-density memory foam. Finally, the included Slappa case keeps your headphones safely stored away between listening sessions.

The Reviews Are In

Head-Fi user bowei006 says, “I'm also a fan of the sound. It has less surging energy as the stock unit has which made it 'hot' and 'bright' after a while and sounds much more 'tamed.’ Mid-range background instrumentals were stronger and much too apparent/forward on the stock units and that has been 'rectified' as well as the vocals taking a higher priority this time around. The bass has also been brought to life in this variant as well.”

EposVox Review


  • Dekoni Blue is a partnership with Fostex
  • Semi-open design based on T50RP MKIII
  • Only Fostex-sanctioned T50RP MKIII mod available
  • Limited-edition blue ear cups and flat black slider rails
  • Fostex’s proprietary Regular Phase (RP) planar-magnetic driver (used in T50RP MKIII)
  • Dekoni’s asymmetrical Elite Hybrid ear pads with sheepskin, velour, and memory foam 
  • Detachable 6.6 ft (2 m) cable with ¼ in (6.35 mm) plug
  • Padded headband for extended comfort
  • Tuned and adjusted by Dekoni founder and audio engineer Tal Kocen


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Estimated ship date is Nov 20, 2018 PT.

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Recent Activity

I don’t know if the Blue has been out for a year yet, but I have one. I have a cat, but I store my headphones in an office she’s not allowed in. I haven’t dropped it, but I have taken my Blue with me in a bag stacked with other headphones to a headphone meet, and I’ve also taken it through an airport stored bare inside my backpack with clothes and a few chargers for my electronic devices, no durability issues so far. Everything seems pretty robust, so I wouldn’t worry about falls from a desk or seated height, but I would disconnect the headphone cable when packing bare in a bag. That said... this drop would have come with a Slappa case, so that helps with longevity. I would say the Blue has “big” bass, but they are not Sony XB500 bass cannons! There is enough treble and mids presence that I would disagree with descriptions calling it “dark,” but it does have some midbass warmth and mids body. The treble has some sparkle and decent extension to higher treble range too, but it’s on the safe side of the “hot” knife edge, whereas MY opinion is that the AKG K712 Pro and HD 800 sit right on that knife edge (where good amp synergy makes all the difference between enjoyment and fatigue), and a Beyerdynamic DT 880 is for treble enthusiasts only (it made my ears ring occasionally, sadly). I haven’t heard the new HiFiman’s which are on Massdrop. The HE-400 I heard at home sounded really weird without proper amplification (despite sensitivity, sometimes lead vocals would have the presence of background vocals) and had a fascinating interaction with any solid objects (like my hands) within 1 foot of the earcups. I’ve borrowed an HE-560 (which I thought was a bit dull), and been to trade shows to hear the Edition X and HE 1000 (I quite liked these! But I could hear a sample variation). For the price, I’d get a Blue, but with more budget I’d get the more than 2x as expensive Edition XX coming soon. I’m happy that I have a Blue.