Dekoni Premium Ear Pads for Sennheiser HD 800 & 820search

Dekoni Premium Ear Pads for Sennheiser HD 800 & 820

Dekoni Premium Ear Pads for Sennheiser HD 800 & 820

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For the love of god please release pads for the 800 headband.
This drop ended right before I knew I was getting hd800's :'c
It’s running again now!
Which model is the least prone to feeling warm, and thus sweating, around the ears? I live with a hot and humid climate so this is my main concern.
Velour or Fenestrated.
Any news on HD700 pads?
I'm hoping sooner rather than later.
We showed final production prototype at canjam London last weekend! Finally! Sorry for delay! Massdrop will have them soon
Received mine today Elite Hybrid and Fenestrated Sheepskin (FS). Installed the FS. The removal tool made uninstalling the original pads a breeze, acouple of minutes each. Uninstalling the FS is a different story. After installation, the sound was muffled so I read comments below and I realized that I needed to remove the original dust covers.

This is where the fun or “frustration” began. I was able to separate the FS pad from the ear cup with the tool again, yet I was unable to remove it completely because of fear to damaging anything. The FS pad was firmly installed in most of the earcup. Luckily, the space between the earcup and pad was big enough for me to use a pair of tweezers to remove the original dust covers. In addition, the tips of my fingers were black from the dye - hum, quality control issues???? The removal tool is pretty beat up too.

The sad part is I purchased two earpads to try and now I am not sure if I should try again to remove the FS and install the hybrid.

I have a HD 800s. Has anyone else experience the same issue? And yes, there is a slight chemical smell. Good luck. Not sure if I would recommend these if this difficult to remove until resolved.


I ordered Elite Velour round Jan 2018, because I think Velour match HD800 better.
To be honest, I don't like it, I am sorry to say but it looks some kind of cheap, easy to install, but the sound is muffled, and it leaks sound. I try to separate the pads, and yes, you are right, the quality is so poor and outside of the skin just get damaged. I am very careful, I did't even use my strength. but It has a hole now, I am scared to continue so I decided to leave my HD800 alone. Now I can't remove it and it sounds bad compare to stock pads. It is not a good experience.
I agree with your assessment. The build quality isn't great on these, and I'm not pleased at all with the sound. These pads seem to diminish the air of the HD800 significantly, making them just ... mediocre sounding.
just to be completely sure. these are compatible with the HD800S right ?
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HD700 pads soon? any news on that front? I would love to get my hands/ears on a set for my HD700!

yes, though I had problems trying to remove mine. Good luck. Cheers.
Yo, any STAX Lambda (L300/L500/L700) pads in the works? Every Dekoni I've ever bought has been amazing.
I have an OLD Stax flagship, an SR-X mk III from the 70’s, and it sounds absolutely fantastic and rates high even among modern headphones... but I almost never listen to them, because they’re an on-ear headphone. 45 minutes then pain! Part of that is because the pads are toast. my friends make fun of me because we only recently found out Stax never made Velour pads, but my pads were so worn before I got them literally all the pleather had worn off!
I’m considering getting one of the new L-series STAX, solely because pads can make or break an otherwise awesome headphone.
I would love if they made some L700 replacement pads. Almost impossible to find anything in canada.
An acoustic engineer that frequently hangs around on r/headphones measured the 800S in his lab and compared stock pads with the dekoni fenestrated sheepskin pads and got completely different results than what dekoni claims on their site. The biggest change noted is that there is significantly less bass with the fenestrated sheepskin pads.

I think that post makes valid points, but overall is a net positive.

As the engineer said, different measuring gear and even slight differences in how the headphones are seated on the measurement rig can affect the measured outcome. I even think it’s possible, especially if he works for a lab with expensive high end equipment, that his measurement may be more accurate than a small company that just does pads. However, he did say the treble was improved to be less peaky, which can be hard to correct without a very sophisticated EQ with more than a handful of EQ bands, so the HD 800 with fenestrated pads should be easier to EQ. Also, he found the comfort from the deeper cushioning to be an improvement. Lastly, he also said the sheepskin leather would be easier to clean, and last longer than the stock pads.

I think it’s entirely possible the engineer’s measurements are right, but still most of the pads’ goals were still met. There were multiple comments in this discussion thread about how the Hybrid pads actually DID improve the bass, so maybe that one with it’s fully sealed outside face is the one to go for if you want more bass. I have the Elite Velour pads, and mostly I chose it for the price and thicker padding, and I didn’t change my EQ after getting them.
No, it is definitely a net negative, to use your phrasing. He repeatedly states in his post and in the comments that he (1) does not recommend them and (2) would not buy them again. All this, of course, with the caveat that EQ could bridge the gap, which would make them worth it. When paying this much for headphones, I think using EQ is a given, but I know many who pay similar prices for HPs and do not use EQs, so please read the linked thread and do not rely on Evshrug's response. Personally, I'll still buy them since it's nothing EQ can't rectify.