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Glycine Airman No. 1 Automatic Watch

Glycine Airman No. 1 Automatic Watch

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I am looking for one please
anyon selling one
Glycine-Direct is selling it at eBay @$499, no tax, with manufacturer warranty. This is $150 lower than MD drop ($599 plus tax).
thank you very much

Is this the 36mm or 40mm?
Hello all, Wood case is attached with the Watch, right?
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Sure. I was expecting a paper box so this was a pleasant surprise. Picture is on a custom strap of course.
I don’t understand mate... can massdrop tell me information about some poeple don”t receive wood box???
-12-hour sweep and GMT hand on GMT models
So the GMT model comes with the 24 hour dial, but the hands sweep at 12 hour increments? Am I missing something here?
The main hour hand on the “purist” does 24-hour time rather than the usual 12-hour, making it potentially confusing if you rotate between many watches, so they also offer the ”GMT”, which had a slim 24-hour GMT hand in *addition* to a normal 12-hour hand (the big arrow).
The dials are the same.
The GMT hand on the GMT version follows the 24 hour scale, so will go around the dial once a day. The hour hand goes around the dial twice a day, reading like a regular watch (albeit a little confusing with the 24 hour dial).
No, just no. For this price, you can get a significantly better quality Swiss watch. If the last Glycine I got is any indication, you are better off getting a Swiss made Invicta for 1/2 as much - Glycine is about the same quality. Or any Swiss made watch with an ETA movement would be better quality. Edit - if you are looking at this, buy the Massdrop Oris instead - it's only a little more for a significantly better watch.
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Depends if you want an automatic or not and if you care if it's Swiss, if it has to be new and what style of watch you are looking for. Also how careful/abusive the wearer is likely to be.... There are a lot of choices.
Orient & Seiko make great and pretty cheap automatics. If you are OK with a quartz watch, Victorinox, Mido, Sector, Tissot and Citizen all have great, pretty cheap nice quartz watches. Sector's line of Swiss made quartz watches in particular are pretty awesome and you can sometimes find a bargain Tissot. A lot of Swiss companies make both automatic and quartz versions of the same watch, with the quartz version being 1/2 to 1/4 of the automatic price....
If you want something really unique with a great technology story, an original Bulova Accutron or a first generation Pulsar LED watch are great, historically significant vintage watches and still relatively affordable (but make sure you get a working version, they are unfixable). With everyone sporting huge watches these days, I've seen some San Francisco hipsters starting to wear smaller vintage watches with cloth straps.... I have a Titoni Airmaster from the 60's which has that vibe.
If it has to be Swiss, there are a number of 'second tier' makers that have great watches, sometimes you can get a new or used bargain. Among them are Certina, Festina, Mido, Titoni, Eterna, Zodiac, Doxa, etc. Or a Tissot, which are good quality even if they are everywhere.
IMHO (and this is very much personal preference) I typically look for things like sapphire crystals, good water resistance and indicators of a quality construction (solid end links, machined buckles, applied numbers on faces, etc). Also exotic materials like titanium & ceramic are much harder to machine so are generally found in better watches. I'm also hard/careless with my watches, so I stay away from anything delicate and prefer 'diver' styles. That said, I also value being able to fit my watch under a dress shirt, so if you look at my watch collection, you'll see a number of 'thin' watches specifically for that reason....
Also, while a totally different category, Garmin makes a great series of smart sport watches which few people know about.
I understand, but for having owned a DC-4 Purist for a year, and held several Oris watches in the steel, I can tell you the quality feel and finish level of the laters were far superior to the ones I experienced on my Airman. So I disagree with your later point and, personnally speaking, for having gone the Glycine way and lost a LOT on resell even though I had grabbed it on MD for 600 USD, I'd go with Oris any day and any time at the same price point!
$3500 retail.
Stop it.
Scratch that, I just saw the pic of the buckle in the posting...
Out of curiosity, could anyone post a pic of the buckle?
To hopefully put an end to the arm flailing - the 1 ATM WR ‘rating’ is a marketing ploy to match the original.
Functionally the seals internally easily match other watches I have with a 50m WR (have checked) and the watch is completely fine to get a bit of rain on or wash your hands with. I wouldn’t take it swimming but thats no big concern.
Ask yourself: What’s more plausible? That they deliberately retool an entire production chain to make an entirely seal-less watch? Or that they just stamp ‘1ATM’ on the caseback of a 5ATM watch to add to the ‘vintage charm’?
As you said, the watch functionally is splash and basic water resistant. Treat is as you would a 50 M water resistant watch and you'll do just fine. It's not a diver so it shouldn't go into water anyways.
I'm not sure why they chose to stamp 1atm when the original had NO indication of water resistance on the caseback. It only has the serial number and patent number.
Anyone know the lug to lug on the 36mm models?
*I'm seeing 45.7mm on eBay and a couple of other places for those who may be interested
was going to sell my airman double twelve and something else to get this, but then I saw the 1atm rating..... so sad :(
Seriously. How hard would it have been to give this watch more than 10 feet of water resistance?
Hi guys,
is this airman 1 still the limited one?
I'm not sure but are you refering to this one -> this is a limited run of 1000
What does 10m water resistance mean? If you show a picture of an ocean, will the watch stop working?
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That was funny and tragic at the same time.
The original Airman 1 was 1ATM water resistant so they kept the caseback the same for historical accuracy.
I didn't know about the 100M test, but that's quite interesting!
well, mine just stopped working. Wonderful.
I can't believe I missed this one!
Any chance of this returning?
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So what? It's availabe again.
Dangit the Black Purist 36 mm is sold out!
Love this watch, it became my daily favorite.
Is that 36 or 40mm?
This would be the 36mm, the most obvious difference between them is the date window's position relative to the "6" at... 3 O'clock? 90 degrees right from top dead center. The date window on the 36 cuts into the "6" marking, where on the 40 it rests below the "6", where the 15 seconds would be marked. The movement is the same, so the only difference inside really is the dial.
Hi, I am new to Massdrop and the discussions...I received my Airman 1 GL0163, 40mm Purist, Black Face yesterday. What a beautiful watch! I also own a Glycine Airman 18 Sapphire...and I love it too.
Unfortunately, when I pulled the GL0163 out of the plastic sleeve I noticed that the Crown Stem was not locked into place and would not screw down after I set the correct time. As you can imagine I was a little disappointed that the Crown would not screw into the down position. Did anybody else have that problem? The stem just turns without catching the thread. As you may have noticed on the one page instruction sheet that came with the watch Glycine included a note to ensure that the Crown be properly screwed down in order for the watch to be "Waterproof"
I sent Massdrop Customer Service an email as soon as I discovered the issue yesterday and then submitted a follow up response to an email I received today from Massdrop informing that my watch was delivered.
Do you experienced Massdrop fans have any other recommendations?
Thanks for any feedback.
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For some stupid reason they included an instruction sheet for an entirely different model! So weird and lazy.
Shinw33, I'm sure you saw from the comments like Filson's, our watches do not have a screw down Crown stem....just like my old Timex back in the day. Anyway I hope that it the 1 ATM protection keeps the moisture out when it rains. It would be sad if our $599 watches stopped working as soon as water got close to them. Beautiful watch though and I love it so far.
Got mine 40mm GMT. Wearing it everyday.
jealous of people who already got theirs. of course fedex is being extra dumb about shipping.
I got mine today. So happy when I opened the box and hold her in my hands


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I got my black dial version today. It has brushed hands too.
I've seen some pics before mine arrived and i have to say no pic makes it justice, it's incredibly beautiful... i got the 40mm black dialed purist, i really wonder how the cream dial looks in the flesh, i almost went for it.
Post some pics anyways!
Anyone else not receive a manual?
The instruction "manual" (it's a single A6 sheet) is in the International Guarantee grey envelope.
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Correct, the one on the Right is my GL0163 (40mm)
Agreed re: the finishing. I was disappointed at first that it wasn't going to be all-polished like the original but in the flesh, the execution (mixed brushed and polished) works just fine.
Anyone got the wooden box supposed to go with this re edition of the Airman? all I got was the generic Glycine case...
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It looks like they're not being shipped with the wood box like they should be. Although it was never mentioned here on massdrop so....
Generic box here and a friend of mine also, i was expecting the wood case too...
Mine will be here today! Can’t wait!
Mine will be Monday:( just few days away
Glycine Airman No. 1 GL0163 on a Helm canvas

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Awesome shots, I need to finally crack down and learn how to take good watch photos.
All you need is a decent camera and a bit of Photoshop knowledge! ;-)
Glycine Airman No. 1 GL0163 on a Helm canvas

Received my GL0163
40 mm, "Purist" , a perfect beauty except the cheapo bracelet (as cheap as the leather bracelets in the 60's though). Just put a Helm canvas and it's terrific, ready to smell napalm in the morning!
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Import taxes are for Europeans buyers as the watches are sent from the US, you might have state VAT though.
Probably mentioned below but I'm a tad too lazy to scroll that far: Is this a true 24hr movement? I have an original vintage but I like the bigger size of this one. Thanks!
oh sh**t they used those thieves from UPS instead of DHL for this drop overseas... 25$ in the drain just for showing up, never happened with DHL! I really don't mind paying the VAT, it's just playing by the rules, but paying the transporter TWICE with hidden fees is a dam scandal!