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KA-BAR Dozier Folding Hunter Knife

KA-BAR Dozier Folding Hunter Knife

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If you have large hands, this is not the knife for you. It's very thin, which makes it hard to use safely. It's a nice knife, and razor sharp, just too thin for me.
just made a 3d printed quick opener for this knife, if you want you can order it here.

FYI $20 with free shipping at Amazon and you don't have to wait for it.
Anyone know when these will ship? Haven't gotten a shipping notification yet on my order....
What's the advantage of the 4062 hunter blade with thumb stud vs the 4065 clip point blade with a thumb notch.
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You're welcome! These are great EDC knives, I carry one everyday with me (except when traveling by plane !). You really get a descent product for a very reasonable cost. I use to carry an Alox SAK daily but I kept forgetting to remove it from my pants before tossing them in the laundry. I decided to try this knife with a clip to be more visible when removing my pants. It's very slim and light weight making for a very comfortable carry. The only advantage the SAK had was the additional tools which I used occasionally. You can still purchase this knife on Amazon for around $20 with Prime.
Thanks again. That's quite an endorsement. I just ordered one from Amazon for $20 with Prime!
I would once again buy into this drop if the shipping wasnt ridiculous. Almost as much as the knife itself. Seriously considering whether to send massdrop emails straight to spam.
I just received my order, great knife, perfect size for my larger hands and came sharp! I ordered and paid for three, one for myself and two for gifts but only received two today! I usually carry a Swiss Army Alox Cadet but I have been forgetting to remove if from my pants pocket ( I guess I'm getting OLD!) and I end up looking for it the next morning before realizing it's still in my pants! I figure with this pocket clip knife it will be more visible and not down in the bottom of my pocket so I should notice it before throwing my pants in the hamper! I may miss the nail file and screw driver but I only use them occasionally, I use the blade daily.
Mark M.
What's going on with those new ridiculously expensive shipping costs???
Wow, $13 shipping to the Netherlands. It used to be between the 3 and 7 US dollars.
I'm seriously wondering why, and many others with me.
Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks in advance
Honestly, it's just about the same price on Amazon with tax and shipping. No great savings.
Here's a great review and testimonial for this knife:

Man that guy likes to talk. He makes my blades get duller as I listen.
Would love to see these as a Massdrop exclusive with a D2 or even better an XHP blade....

As previously mentioned the inconsistent international postage prices are very frustrating, here we have $13 postage on a $17 knife!?
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I see $21.45 current price on Amazon.
I believe the model you are referring to on Amazon for $16.99 ( in Black only) is the 4072 which is the mini version ( 2-1/4" blade). This Drop is for the 4062 (3" blade In several color choices).
I am a oversea collector. I don't understand why the shipping & handling cost it US$12.75 to Asia but ESEE Zancudo Frame Lock Folding Knife only cost US$6.00 , can someone tell me? It's a good deal for me but the shipping & handling cost is killing me.
Oh well, since they don't have the blue handle with satin blade....I'll go with beautiful pink!!!!
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