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Cancel again and again.....
Joined the drop for 2 on 2/16 and just received a refund on 3/5. No idea what the heck happened. Pretty sad there was no explanation on why the drop didn't carry through. Oh well, if you hear some crazy woman screaming on the river, just know I tried to get an whistle but it didn't work out.
Looking forward to getting these... I got two of them, for my two older kids as they jump into our local woods and canyon all the time.
Just got this... not happy, but, appreciate the heads-up from Massdrop!

Is this solid titanium or titanium coated?
If one is so inclined, Kizer makes one under their Tangram line that can be found for $14 with prime shipping, if you want a smooth barrel instead of this sculpted look (or, DIY with a decent half round file and 10 minutes of work, if you prefer)

Too bad it's US-only for some reason :(
It isn't for me. I can join just fine.
Was just about to order a couple of these then noticed the bottle opener... nope... Why ruin the design of something by throwing that useless feature in that just snags on everything. Looked really cool otherwise.
The hell you say! Why put a damn whistle on a perfectly good bottle opener?! Ruins the whole thing for me!!! So unfair--SAD!

This thing blows. Or you blow and it whistles. But it definitely doesn't suck.
Flame sold out, boo.
I don't need this the least, but I'm lusting for it soooooooo much! Must be the titanium!
Really solid build, one-of-a-kind design in cool colours. Aesthetically I have no qualms. Only issue is the bottle opener feature being slightly too thin to last and the whistle loudness capping off at a certain point. Blowing any harder will make it sound like someone with a hoarse voice shouting XD
I'm buying one. But not waiting a month to get it. Same price on Amazon. Massdrop, youre buying in volume, get your shit together and get us some better prices!!!!!!!!!
I see $21 as the lowest price on Amazon.
$18.91 on
“You know how to whistle don’t you, Steve?”
I have a similar Ti. whistle made by Klarus purchased yeas ago, these types of whistles all have a small white plastic or other material plug inside that can often get pushed out of proper alignment inside rendering the whistle unless unless the little plug is pushed back into place using a paper clip or other small tool. I only carry (on my key chains) the second loudest whistle made, the ' Windstorm ', which can be heard under water, he loudest is its big brother the 'Storm' whistle, the 'Windstorm' is smaller and carries easier on a key chain. 75% louder than a referee whistle.
Can we confirm the presence of the plastic piece in this particular ti-whistle before its condemned as having an Achilles heal?
There is no plastic insert in my WE or Bestech whistles, don't see why Kizer would be doing it differently.
Why is this drop $1 more expensive than Amazon (and Amazon Prime has free shipping)?
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Hmmmm! ToysRUs, The Home Depot, Sports Chalet and the rest of the corporate cancers killed our local merchants not too long ago. Amazon is just another corporate cancer with better benefits for the consumer. We all have biases. I can clearly remember wanting to buy a cowboy capgun and holster for my son. Toys-R-Us was No Joy (obvious political reasons). The Boot Barn, however was happy to oblige and they won my business. Our great nation (USA) was made great via competition. I applaud Amazon for their services or maybe my addiction. They don't always have the best price point however they often do, much like Massdrop. I thank them for their college effort, but I will patronize the better. I only hold one corporate allegiance and that is to In-N-Out Burger. A perfect product at a great price, which is family owned and operated right here in SoCal. You may have my soap box now.
lol all of this was leading to In-N-Out burger. damn you I wish we had these in florida.
Whats the % of titanium in this whistle?
something i never thought about....
heard a story on the radio the other day about a guy who fell down an old well shaft out in the woods at a jobsite, guy was stuck down there for something like 20 hour until the next shift showed up and couldn't find the guy to rotate out, so they went looking for him, turns out the guy in the well had a whistle with him on his jackets zipper, he was trying to use the whistle to alert his coworker to where he was at but had taken so much debris in the fall that it was basically rendered useless, he said that he was getting some sound here and there but not really enough to make it out of the well he was in, turns out the only way he was found was the coworker started hearing a bunch of dogs barking, this being a lumber companies land there's not meant to be anyone or any dogs on the property, so the coworker went to check it out and end up finding the well with the guy in it by following the sound of the barking dogs, the eventually got the guy out and never found the dogs but point being, when i look for a whistle i look for one that is unlikely to become clogged by snow,ice or debris.... maybe if they had a little silicon band that went around and over the holes, made something like they use on those vape tanks would work..... i dunno, but it seems like a big consideration if stuck in a tree well skiing or fall down somewhere and can't move.... has anyone found a solution for this problem?
Got one on a previous drop. I haven't had any issues with it. The insert is rotated slightly out of line in the body of the whistle, but hasn't come loose. It isn't near as loud as some other whistles I own, but it's also cool looking titanium so ends up on my key chain anyway. I bring one of the others if I'm going hiking and might have to attract attention.
I got one, last drop. Very nice, fits on my key-chain well. Had I known earlier that it was made in PRC, I would not have gotten it - but I'm happy! I think they would make nice gifts to take when seeing the grand kids. The nice box would fit in a carry-on bag with no problem.
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Not quite. The whistles are for the grand kids. I guess it would be mean to the kids. ;-)
Thats what i meant. 🤣
$16.99 @ Amazon
w/ Prime and amazon lists that one at 120 dB
Not anymore!
Why I can't buy them in S.Korea?
Needs an orange option. Whistles are tools first and foremost, and I think visibility is important.
Is this for attracting titaniums?
Thanks for that boozed, I was having a bad day until your comment! 😎
Don't get me wrong... I LIKE the "Flame" coloured one.
but it really should be named, "Burnt Log".

And to think that when anodised competently titanium can look beautiful...
Titanium and fugly
Then don't buy it.
If this company doesn't make a knife or a whistle called the Kizer Söze, it will be such a missed opportunity...
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If they do. I bet sexual harassment files will be claimed.
Kizer so say in your pants.
you sir, have won the internet today.
Just got it. Loved the packaging. And really love the size and sound. Need more! There might be some finishing issues. But I'll forgive them. I'm talking internally you can see it's not perfect etc. Still happy. Pic for size. It's small.
Got the flame on first drop and blue on second.
Feedback for manufacturer:
The finish can be improved and made more consistent -- there are striations over the entire body of the blue one that really should be sanded / polished / tumbled / buffed out prior to the anodizing.
The flame version is better. You can see the difference on the drop pictures. Not sure why the blue one is worse. One thing is the blue reflects light more than the flame. But, for whatever reason, the blue is worse. Did not notice this before. Was expecting a finish like the flame.
Finish is a critical factor. The big four are form, function, fit, and finish. Finish is the last and is the most important from the perspective of aesthetics (and fit too). The scratches detract from the overall aesthetic of the piece.
It seems like the idea might of been that the finish was not important because the anodizing would cover it up. If that was the idea, it did not work. Staying with this line of thought, would not have bought these "naked" because of the scratches.
From a manufacturing perspective, there was probably a single pass in "knocking down" the whistle tube material; that is, no other passes to finish the whistle tubes after cut-down.
If Kizer presents to be high-end, everything ought to look like it. You might say the price point does not warrant extra manufacturing steps, but high-end branding demands it to be so.
In my experience, tumbling with ceramic or some other material is standard. This gets rid of the manufacturing scratches. The more you tumble, the smoother / better the finish.
Another thing is the inserts in the whistle tubes to facilitate the making of the whistle sound are not finished. In my case, it looks cracked. This is a nit, but it's observable. Again, high-end branding requires that high-quality permeate each and every output of the brand.
Bottom line: Would be less likely to buy Kizer blades based on my experience with these whistles.
In the spirit of feedback / food for thought!
I believe the "scratches/striations" that you refer to are a deliberate finish choice by the manufacturer. I personally like this finish. Where the Flame version is covered with a sparkly material that has baked on,(you can even see the flecks of it inside the tube, if you use a flashlight), the Blue looks to have been deliberately "roughed up", gives it a distressed look, allows it to reflect light differently. Might pick up the Violet one, just to see what they did with it.
Received mine today as a "just because you're a cool chick" gift for my wife. I purchased the flame version.
Let me just say: These little guys are dope as hell. The finish on the flame variant is stunning, and you better believe this little sonofabitch is loud as shit. She likes gifts that are the more atypical variety, so this was a hit. Only regret not buying a second one for when she inevitably loses this one!
Buy a second for her and 'safely store' it on your own keychain.
Haha, I like that angle! I actually did end up picking up one in the other color on the re-drop. I gifted that one to her as well, solely based on the likelihood that I would misplace the thing almost immediately lol.