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La Figaro 339 Tube Headphone Amplifier

La Figaro 339 Tube Headphone Amplifier

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OTK 2 is not a tube it is the technician guy number(2) that tested the tube, an Russian vendor told me it is Oтдел Точного Контроля that means Departament of Precision Control.
Seems the small tube is 6N5PJ, not sure.
Anyway its a expensive amp chinese amp for the price, there is no baçanced cable option, also not a preamp.
I want to get one of those but its sooooo over my budget :(
Same -- for now.
Will we have a drop for its custom tube adapters someday? Details on the adapters:
Just got it two days ago, have been enjoying it since then, but there is an issue bothers me. When I turn the left volume knob, the left channel will become silent sometimes (no sound), I have to turn it back and forth to make it sound again. If I hold the knob and swing it lightly (BTW: the knob doesn't actually swing, it's very firm), the sound will be cutting in and out. And during playback, there were two times, the left channel suddenly went off, again I had to turn the knob to make it sound. While the left volume knob (channel) has this problem, the right volume knob (channel) is perfect no matter how I turn it or swing it. I thought may be the tubes cause it, I exchanged left and right tubes but the result is still the same, the left side still has the problem and the right side still good.

Would someone tell me what this problem could be? Should I worry about it?
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Your potentiometer for volume control on the left channel most probably is faulty. Replacing them will solve the issue.
New event:
One day I powered up the machine the left channel had no sound output at all no matter how I turned the volume knob, I really felt bad at that moment. Then I tried to swing the knob as I ever did before. The music will come out when I swing it and back to silence after I stop swinging. I tested for a while and found if I pull the knob downward a little harder the volume will come back, if I pull it upward then no volume. I try to turn the knob and pull it down at the same time, the left knob (channel) works again.

bent_switch and aatjitra, thank you for the help. Seems like the potentiometer do have problem, I think I will just bear with it as is until it gets worse further and I can't stand it anymore .

A new $650 Amp but has a defective volume control, NOT HAPPY with that. Vendor should do their own quality control job well, not the buyers do it for them.
Looking at the information on the amp they list OTK 2 as a tube type when it's actually an inspection stamp you see on lots of Russian tubes. So while it's great that the tubes have passed inspection, it doesn't really help me know what type of tubes are being used in the amp.
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I bet those were a good improvement over the stock tubes. Get your hands on the 5693, the red long life version of the 6SJ7 tube and it will sound even better than NOS 6SJ7 plus the red tube is a 10,000 hour tube so it's a good investment.
Yes. It is common but manufacturer prefers triode in the gain stage. Some are still using it but in fact they are wired as triode. I recall only a few brands are using pentode in their amp like dynaco.

Yes, typo error. It is supposed to 5693.
How would this sound with the Focal Elex?
Looks like a sweet beast... any knowledgable comparisons to the Cavalli CTH? I just picked up the latter.

And a noob question -- if this is dual mono, why is there only one headphone output? With what appears to be two 'sides' driven and two volume controls, seems like two headphone outputs would be the logical endpoint?
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I bought the 339 in the February drop and have been using it since April. I got used to the independent volume knobs after the first few days. A little more time and I had no issue getting them both at the same sport with one turn.
Could just put a cheap preamp before it.
Too bad they couldn't combine with a preamp; not willing to give up speaker connections--especially at this price (regardless of how warm and fuzzy it sounds through cans).
Just opened and set up this amazing beautiful and giant amp. Wow, it sounds as great as it looks so far. I will be spending a lot of time with this beauty. This is one of the best audio purchases that I have ever made.
Thanks Massdrop for making this happen and for not making me wait until August.
Wow, I like the sound of that, pun intended. Mine is supposed to be here sometime Friday, 06-22-18.
Congrats, agree,this amp look gorgeous and sounds glourious(even with stock tubes).
I tested the amp with some AKG K1000 the other day and was very impressed with the naturalness,soundstage and imaging,very good combo and enough power to drive them.
Just now received a Shipping notification. Wow, I thought I was gonna have to wait until August. Great news I hope.
I've also got an estimated shipping date of Aug 6. Looking forward to it.
Mine now has a FedEx tracking number with a 06/21/2018 Delivery date. It may not arrive Thursday but at least it’s in route. Thank you Massdrop, once again great customer service.