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La Figaro 339 Tube Headphone Amplifier

La Figaro 339 Tube Headphone Amplifier

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Mine reached home(Europe)yesterday in perfect condition,working great.
To soon for sound impressions but i have 2 power tubes6080 and 6AS7GA(+stock tubes) and 10 EF86 types for driver,need to experiment to find nice combos for my HD 800S.
Btw it looks much better than in photos.
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Congrats! what DAC do you use in your setup btw?
Thanks,i have Peachtree DAC-iTx for more than 4 years and no need 2 change it, sound's wonderful,analog like.
Once again Massdrop is this only for US voltage 120 volt 60khz or can it be used for 230 volt 50khz. I have repeated this many a time when it comes to electronics. Please adopt an international mindset. Thank you once again and once again I have to skip because if the lack of information.
Just click on "join the drop" and before you pay; select the voltage option of your choice. Then you will be allowed to pay for your choice if available and complete the purchase. Merely clicking on 'join' only gets you to the next step in the process of actually joining (selecting any options such as voltage etc.) you can't join any drop without submitting payment.
You can't submit payment without selecting any mandatory options that may be available.
How would this do with the foster th-x00? Or 25 ohm headphones?
Not great unless they are planar.
Members, members...are you gonna let this super deal slip through your hands???? This just might be worth having a balance on your CC. Interest rates are going up soon. Heaven forbid they slap new tariffs on imports from China. This is the cheapest this unit will ever be and it is newly improved. Only four left on this drop. You know you want it. This will inject the music into your veins, getting to your brain much faster with full harmony (LOL).
Just DO IT. I will expect your thank you's after delivery, immersification & total melt down in your favorite chair.
I'm a little confused, it says otl but it sure looks like 1 input transformer and 2 output transformers to me... I'm no expert though...
Back on massdrop I see. It's a little bit confusing for me to determine which model this is. I'm new to tube amps. Is this the same "upgraded" version that Shenzhen sells?
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High impedance dynamic or planars would be best
Another reason to avoid easy-to-drive cans is to avoid hum, atleast with stock tubes

There is a continuous audible hum in headphones(Porta pro for example) with stock tubes. But with HE560, no audible hum
Does everyone else get charged tax, or is it just us lucky ones from California? The extra $50 kind of kills it for me.
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Good tip--I'll check 'em out!
Sales tax also charged in NJ where MD's warehouse is located.
how much would shipping to germany cost?
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thanks a lot
danke sehr