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Lake People G109A Limited Edition Headphone Amp

Lake People G109A Limited Edition Headphone Amp

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Hi. Can somebody advise what was the lowest price for this drop? thanks
This is the only amp I'm aiming for now; shall join the drop the moment (if) it's back. My K712 is seriously gathering dust waiting for a worthy team member. The DacPort Slim just doesn't cut the mustard
If you're impatient, you can always buy direct from Violectric USA.
Thanks for the advice, but I don't think it is available for shipping to my country. Either that or I don't know how to go about it XD
Dang.. so close. :(
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you can still get it here
I have one from Massdrop, I don't think anyone will buy for €5.000 LOL
Hi all! We decided to run this drop until Thursday to give more people a chance to commit.
More extension beyone Thursday?
Was very interested in this amp but just bought the grace and haven't received it yet so hard to justify buying another amp while waiting for the amp I just bought. Hopefully you will run this again.
I'm excited for this amp. It looks like a great all around amp for any headphone. I can't wait to do some A/B testing with both my high and low impedance headphones.
G109A is an amp that you can connect any dac to. The m9XX is a dac/amp without any line level inputs. You are stuck with the dac that is built into it. So, if you like to try different dacs or like to upgrade your dac, than you are better off with the G109A.

Having said the above, the NuForce HA-200 (399.98 for two) mono-blocks appear to be a better deal/value because of a greater discount. Both have gotten positive feedback, though the NuForce having been reviewed professionally reviewed my have more (or less) "reliable" feedback. I think this is the third time I've seen the G109A offered at the same price (389.99 lowest drop) and probably not the last. Not a bad thing, but the price is not competitive with the NuForce.
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The NuForce when configured as monoblocks offers full balanced operation (source and headphones). Of course you need headphones that accept a balanced output (or modify your own). I won't go into the techno-drivel as to why it is better as there is a lot of it on the net. That said, all things being similar the balanced version always seems to sound better. The H10 does have pure class A operation, but no balanced output to the headphones. And the G109A has neither.
Thanks, given my headphones are not balanced, that would lead me to lean towards the H10. I just don't know much about Gustard and if there are any quality concerns to be leery of.
are the orders from Europe shipped from Germany or from USA?
How does this compares to the grace design m9xx.
I have not heard the m9XX, and I can't answer if they have any difference in sound quality.

A quick glance at both specs shows the m9XX has 3 inputs verses the G109A's one input. Also, M9xx has an onboard DAC that the G109A lacks. However, the G109A is the more powerful of the two amps and, from my understanding, will drive any headphone you plug into it. Another difference, if it matters to you, is that the m9XX is made in the U.S.A. and the G109A is made in Germany. I'm sure there are many more things I missed, but I hope that helped some.
Just got my LP G109A about an hour ago. I am running it from Macbook to Dacport Slim (line out setting) and listening with some HE-500s. I have it at default gain setting, and I have to keep the volume at about 2 o'clock for my ears. Maybe I need to open her up and set it to high gain?

I have to say it does sound better than just using the Dacport Slim by itself. No matter what, it is time to A B some headphones with the double jack ports! I will write down some layman impressions about this amp as I notice things.

Edit: Two hours into owning the G109A. I don't know all these fancy audio terms, but my random music mix struck some Joplin's "Down on Me" and the hairs on my arm stood up. Afterwards, some of Ray's "I've Got a Woman" started playing, and I was hopping around in my office chair. Was it the amp that made a difference? I don't know, but i'm still listening, and I'm still having a good time.

Edit: I have been running the G109A for about 8 or 9 hours, and I have listened to it for about 5 hours total. Compared to my only other amp, the Dacport Slim, things sound fuller and smoother-- much to my enjoyment. I like that there seems to be a bit more reverberation in some of my music that I didn't notice before. However, there is a pristine ring from some female vocals, Genevieve from Company of Thieves comes to mind, that I can't decide if I prefer. Sometimes I really like that clean soaring sound that is produced, and other times I miss that tiny touch of gritty raspiness that I'm not hearing as much of with this amp. Also, unlike the Dacport Slim the G109A does not run warm. It has stayed cool to the touch throughout. Overall, I would say I am enjoying this amp greatly. It's giving me upgrade fever for a new DAC!
Its RCA inputs are incompatible with my locking RCA connectors. Looks like even Lake People/Violectric's own RCA cables would be incompatible, as they also feature locking connectors. There seems to be no reason the openings on the back plate for the RCA connectors could not be a little larger. That, or use the RCA's which attach directly to the back plate.

I'm burning it in on the AKG K7XX's, which I thought sounded a little too polite on the Grace m9XX. I'm using the Grace as the DAC. I think the G109A woke them up. More phones to follow.