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Martu Leather Vintage Leather Watch Strap

Martu Leather Vintage Leather Watch Strap

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I don't understand which one is more green? Greenish brown or Gray? For my seiko SNZG09J1 Thx!
For Seiko Sarb033/035 and Sarb017, in a 6.5" wrist, what length should I get?
20mm 120/70
Thanks for the reply! Extra short is 110/70 Short is 115/75 Regular is 125/80 Should I go for Short or Extra short?
Will this fit the Apple Watch
I'd appreciate photos of the backside of the strap. And are the edges painted or waxed or what?
Just received my Martu 18mm in mustard: I totally love it - super soft leather, and I think it goes well with my 37mm 1950 Omega. Please excuse the furry arm:

this is the most comfortable watch band I’ve ever owned. I’m not super hardcore or anything into constantly swapping out my edc watch but I do like to get different ones occasionally. I went with the greenish grey and it looks great! The best part is how it feels. Super light and nice with a great texture. It just feels good. Anyway hope this could sway people if you’re on the fence!

Wow, 111 sold. I assume Andrea can pay the rent this month.
Picked up the brownish green (22mm) for the Glycine GL0122 I iust ordered the other day. It should prove to be a wonderful combination
I have a 7.5" wrist, what length strap do I need to order? Please advise
Depends on the size of the watch you'll put it on.
I have several Martu straps, and they've all been excellent. Not much of a discount here, it's true, but i like that Andrea is now in touch with a seller like MD to further the reach of her business. I'd keep an eye on her website over the next month or so, since she offers some pretty good holidays discounts on her merchandise.
These are solid quality straps, but I don't see much savings , compared to ordering directly . Hmm...
Can someone explain the sizes listed as 20/18 or 22/20... Does this mean the band is tapered? In the case of 22/20, is 22 measured at the lugs and 20 at the buckle? Thanks.
Yes, you are correct. The highest number is the lug width.
Thank you.
An interview with Andrea Tugas of Martu Leather:
I don't know if the back of the straps in this drop will be the same as in this video. They seem to have a black leather liner on the inside.
In the review, after the strap is on the watch the stitch hole at 7 o'clock seems to be cracked and damaged. I wonder if this leather is "vintage," as is artificially distressed, or actual dried-out old vintage leather (as with ammo pouches).
what is the buckle width on the 21mm?
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you'd think so, but who makes a 21mm buckle?
Shrug. You could opt to place a custom order on her site where you'll be able to specify the dimensions you want.
I like soft and sloppy straps. What are these straps like?
I have the grey and the greenish brown and they are absolutely fantastic. Massdrop might not be getting a stellar discount, but these are worth every penny anyway, and go towards supporting a small business.
How can I know if this would fit my watch?
Also, is it me or does the 'grey' model have a slight green hue? I like it, but just curious.
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Not sure if you'll find exact matches here, but you might find some inspiration:
And here's a current Massdrop (blackface) diver watch drop with a band similar to this Martu watchband drop:
Thanks for looking out, man. That's exactly what I was looking for.
Martu straps are amazing, have some watches on it
In checking out their website most of the straps are around the $37 price point anyway. This doesn't seem like a deal at all.
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lol, sweeeet
Yes; the Martu strap is not at all a deal here on MD. Martu also has eBay listings, so one could wait for the next eBay % off coupon to purchase and is a good way to use your eBay Bucks, if any. And shipping direct from Chile is probably going to take as much time as MD's close drop+ship date, so joining MD drop would not give the benefit of getting it to you faster.