Massdrop Objective 2 Headphone Amp: Desktop Editionsearch
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Massdrop Objective 2 Headphone Amp: Desktop Edition

Massdrop Objective 2 Headphone Amp: Desktop Edition

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What is de What is the difference between "standard and medium gain " ? ?
I use iPhone as source, no DAC, beryerdynamic dt770 80ohm. Can this amp work witout dac? Should I choose medium gain?
Stick a Chromecast Audio on it. Medium gain is good.
Hey guys, so the DAC will NOT be included with this drop? Just want to be clear about this before making a decision.

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DAC sold separately. I rarely desire a gain higher than 2.5x while connected to my desktop which has a descent output voltage to begin with. Higher gain would be desirable with a weak source and pour sensitivity headphones.

the 1x/3x gain option is good if you solely listen to sensitive IEMs/headphones and have a strong source/DAC to begin with. 3x might be all you'd ever need, but would be unfortunate if you needed more. At least with higher gain option you can just lower the volume on your source and amp if its' too loud.

1x gain is however very desirable if you have a "noisy" source. My desktop does have an audible hiss using higher sensitivity headphones and at high gain. there's a good chance your laptop has a noisy output. So if you use sensitive headphones, getting rid of the hiss even with a gain of 2.5 might be difficult.
My setup is mostly gonna be a laptop / phone, though at home I can just plug the amp to a 230V wall socket. paired with the Senn HD6xx. Ordered the standard gain now. From what I read online, with the sennheisers the standard should be fine, and if I'm using the O2 as a portable amp, it would be better to have the standard gain version.

Do you agree?
the images show there is a dac as well. Does that come with it or is it just the amp?
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Using hd600, similar impedance, no problem powering it
It cannot fully drive 600s/650s, they require minimal 300mw@300Ohm output to begin to sound how they are supposed to. It will still easily drive them to ear-shattering loud, the drivers just won't be performing to their best.
I'm very new to this, but just purchased the K7XX & the O2 amp at standard gain 110V. wondering how this will all work when it comes to playing this from my computer. I have a MSI Z270 Pro Carbon motherboard with decent onboard sound. Now i was wondering how this will work with RCA to 3.5mm directly into my MoBo. did I make the right choice in amp for using this for gaming/music?
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thank you thank you!
thank you very much! i saw those cables on mono price. I'll check them out!
Would it be worth it to upgrade from FiiO E10K to this with the 650s?
I have all three. O2 is a good upgrade from the E10k to feed the HD6XX. Keep the E10k as a DAC and pass through for external speakers.
Would Standard gain be too much for the hifiman 4xx? I might get a higher impedance later on, so I want to future proof my setup
Wow this price is a steal.
I'm seeing conflicting advice on here. If I'm also getting the AKG KXX headphones, and maybe upgrade in the future, should I go for standard, or medium gain? Right now only medium is available, so I'm debating whether I should wait.

Is there a case to get the medium gain, as opposed to the standard gain? I would have thought you could just get the standard, and turn the volume knob down if it's too loud, so there would be no point to getting the medium gain unit.
Can anyone with experience compare this to the SMSL SAP II, SAP VI or Audio Gd NFB 11?
While I don't own the NFB 11 but I do own the 2R2 11, the Audio GD is well above the 02 catergory. Having said that I also own the EL Dac and the EL amp combo, they are the beasts in term of power but the El DAC and the EL AMP are designed for clean , fast and transparent sound while the Audio GD 2R2 is warmer and a bit slower ( more euphonic ) as tubes.
I too own an r2r11 and agree entirely with everything said. I would add that the current gain audiogd stuff is especially great if you need to power planars.