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Massdrop Objective 2 Headphone Amp: Desktop Edition

Massdrop Objective 2 Headphone Amp: Desktop Edition

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Apparently JDS Labs has a new amp at $99, the Atom. Just found out from others, you guys might wanna check it out
I see no reason for anyone to buy an O2 anymore with the Atom being cheaper and better in every way.
wow....1 input.... even for $95 interface...the lack of features make this a friggen ripoff you're better off going for anything else. literally anything else. Most of the stuff on this site is a waste of money, but please be smart about this one guys.
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I’ve just enrolled into a reading class, thanks! Seriously, your comments... one input such a ripoff...better off with anything else...most stuff on this site is waste of money... maybe you should try to be a bit more nuanced (in your comments) if you want (them) to be credible. Everything is not all black or all white.... try using shades of grey in your comments. Take out the poisen from your berry...
Do you usually spend your time online getting offended at statements not directed towards you? Get a life, yuppie.
Are the right and left RCA inputs reversed for anyone else?
Can we expect to see more US 110V options? I am holding off buy the SDAC until I can purchase and objective 2 as well
What gain setting would be best with this a Topping D10 (2vrms) and dt990 600 ohms? Thanks.
Hi I'd like to know this answer too? I've gone for the Medium gain version so far.
The medium gain version of the O2 would be optimal because the 2Vrms output of the DAC is maximized at the higher 3.3 gain provided by the medium gain version of the O2. The 6.5 gain on the standard version would be too high (use the 2.4 gain then with the standard O2). Remember that the max voltage recommended without getting distorsion on the O2 is 7V. Therefore the maximum gain to be used with a 2V source is 3.3 (2V x 3.3 gain = 6.6V < 7), otherwise you would exceed 7V with a higher gain setting like the 6.5 high gain on the standard O2. Most DACs have 2Vrms or 2.1Vrms maximum outputs. At 2.1V, the 3.3 gain setting is maximized (2.1V x 3.3 gain = 6.93V < 7). The 6.5 gain setting is optimized with 1Vrms outputs (1Vrms x 6.5. = 6.5V < 7) like iPhones, iPad and other low voltage portable equipment. Remember than both versions of the O2 may work out at least by using the lower 1.0 (medium version ) or 2.4 (standard version) gain but then you do not take full advantage of the 7V capacity that the O2 may provide in optimal setups.
Can someone post the size of the power plug/jack? I bought the 220VAC version and need to pick up a 120VAC wall wart.
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Just took a look at the JDS Labs website, listed for 99USD, Do you think that is a mistake or a placeholder since they don't have any in stock?
I just checked in the accessories menu and its advertized starting at 14.99$ (I guess for the US model YP-053) and 15.99$ for EU, Au amd HK models). There may be some mail charges but I doubt it adds up to 99$. I think they mispelled the price in the detailed menu beause all prices are x.99$ and the us is incorrectly listed at 99$ instead of 14.99$, missing the 14. ... if I recall I paid 14.99$ each for my two transformers bought last year from them to upgrade my Massdrop O2s. Maybe you should write them an e-mail or call them...
Hi, I'm trying to install batteries into the unit. Will any rechargeable battery work? How do I know if the batteries are fully charged? Has anyone successfully done this? TIA
Do not use 9v lithiums. Only the 9V NiMH will work if I recall
Did anyone ever figure out the issue with the continued thumping sound? I bought the O2 with a grace sdac. When I plug everything together I have a constant thumping sound in my earphones and chopped up audio if I try to play something. I got the NA version with the 12vac adapter. Thanks.
HELP So I just got the 220v medium gain version and i live in the US. When I plug it in and turn it on it makes a thumping sound, I think its coming from the power supply but have no ideas on where to go from here as i dont wanna kill my unit. What power supply do i need.

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If you say so... Anyways I don’t use the Massdrop 12V transformers anymore amd I don’t starve my Senns to death either. But I don’t perceive any difference with the JDSLabs transformers. Each to its own courtyard I guess...
Well it's not me saying it. It's verified by someone who tested it. You can look it up for yourself I'm sure you can find it if you dig hard enough. Also I dnt think you have any control if your headphones are starved for power. Lol, but it doesnt sound like you have run into that situation or you'd know there was an issue.
I have a Objective 2 + Objective DAC combo for sale. The Amplifier + DAC combo is made by Mayflowers Inc. A 110V US wall adapter is included. It has the following configuration: - gain 1x & 3.3x. - uses 6.35mm headphone jack instead of the default 3.5mm - comes with a DAC RCA line output  - power jack located at the rear panel instead of the front panel  - comes with aluminum volume knob instead of the default rubber one I will sell for $190 + shipping.

Ok, I just received mine today but having issues with it. It seems like I've made a mistake when ordering it. After researching why I was getting popping sounds with my headphones. I seem to have ordered the 220V version when I am in USA. The included power supply is 12VAC @ 220mA. This power plug gives me the popping/clicking sounds. I have another power plug that's 12V @2A but I only get silence from it. IS there anything I can do to make my Amp work correctly?
Same problem its a bassy thumping noise right? I have the 220v as well and im reading its the ac adapter. 220 is meant for Australia.
Hey guys so what should a US buyer do if they want the standard gain. Wait for another drop or buy the EU version and buy adapter separately? Or use battery? Thanks!
I got the sandard 220V standard gain but the included adaptor has a US type plug. Is it safe to connect it to a multiplug in EU mains? Or should I buy another adapter?
I missed out on standard gain again, damn.
I am pairing this with the HD58x (150ohm). I'll need to turn it to close 90% to get relative loud sound, but nothing wrong with that. If I switch to high gain, I can reach that same level of loudness with approx 40%. But the sound does appear to be different. Does switching b/t low/high gain affect the sound?
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The O2 has a gain switch to compensate for the voltage output of your source device. Depending on which gain settings you purchased you might not be able to use high gain without overloading the input regardless of the amps volume setting. It all comes down to this specific amp being a bit unusual to where its volume attenuation is placed in its topology. In other words leave on low gain unless you're using low power portable sources. More details from the man himself...!
Thank you! I guess the difference (if any) is minor, that after 10 mins of listening it would just be ignored.
I've found an european AC/AC adapter at home, and looks like it meets the requirements! But... Would this be Ok to use with this headphone amp and/or which problems could I have? Thanks!
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As far as I know, yes. The recommended adapter's output is "15V AC" which O2's use. If you're in the US, you could use the 120V AC to 15V AC adapter. If you're traveling in EU, you can use the same O2 and use 220V AC to 15V AC adapter. If you use 120V to 15V adapter in EU, the adapter output will actually be closer to 30V and fry your O2. If you use 220V to 15V adapter in US, the output will actually be closer to 7.5V and if the amp even works, it probably won't sound right.
I've crossed used adapters my whole life and never broke anything
Anyone serious about headphone listening should seriously re-consider if looking at this amp. Real amps have real power supplies and real output circuits.
Probably, but not at this price point and especially not at this form factor. It's a desktop edition amp but that doesn't change the fact that this amp was able to run off of batteries, and is still pretty good despite the low power required
I'm not sure if you're trolling? This is a pretty useless comment. If you care to actually dig into understanding the value yourself, check out NwAvGuy's blog for the numerous writeups over the in-depth design process that they went through to develop this amp. As an engineer who has studied electronics, I can say I think NwAvGuy has done a great job. Also, I have some expensive cables to sell you ...
I am just trying to figure out the gain.
My 2.1 volt source will need 3.3x gain to get to the 7 volt maximum so I think that would be good.
I'm using this with a 2 V source, and I have the medium gain version. Works great, and I can engage the gain switch when needed, without worrying about clipping. Same will be true for your 2.1 V source. I haven't even needed to use the gain switch with any of my headphones (I don't have any that are especially thirsty) and there's plenty of juice for them all at low gain and without needing to crank the volume past 12 o'clock.
I recently purchased the Objectiv 2 Headphone Amp. Not sure how to connect to my computer. Any help out there?
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eBay?! Are u mad?!! ; ]
Not at all! I’m pretty easy going!
Anyone have a recommendation for a portable battery powered DAC/amp for Android phone use? Seems like the few I checked didn't support up to the 300 ohms these are
Question: I would use mojo's line out as source. The EarPhone would be rs1e and k7xx. Which gain should I choose? Mid or Std? I was told the output of mojo's lineout is 3Vrms. They the only gain I could use is 1.0? Sound's bad...
Would it better to have this amp and the SDAC as a stack or have the combo unit??
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Do you have the standard gain or medium gain version?
Question: I have a pro-ject debut carbon with a rega fono mini A2D pre-amp. Would medium gain be enough here for a set of Sennheiser HD6XX?
Does anyone know how well this amp pairs with the HD6XX?
Okay, it does make it sound quite thin, would recommend a magni 3 instead.
Quick question: Do I need an external dac to use this headphone amp? Below is my diagram.
(Macbook) ---> 3.5mm to RCA cable ---> O2 Headphone Amp ---> (headsets such as HD6xx, M50x, DT770)
Lastly, what should be my gain be 1.0x or 2.5x and why?
You don't "need" it":) The two issues are sound quality and ergonomics. You should get a fine analog signal out of the Macbook (I've been relying on my ipod an ipad's internal DAC for years with my Objective amp). I've tried an external DAC and could not tell the difference. Some audiophiles will hear differences, but that isn't really the crowd that the Objective was designed for. Now, I would not do the same with my Dell laptop because I suspect the DAC chip is super cheap, and fooling with the volume controls is more of a pain. Getting an external DAC just adds more clutter to your desk that may or may not be a concern (more space, more wires, another plug . . . or you could find an Objective amp/ODAC combo--they're out there).
As for gain, I would start at 1.0. It should be plenty of power for the headphones you listed. I don't use soundcheck, and I have a few songs in my collection that are really quiet. Those are the only times I ever bump up the gain.
So then the medium gain option would be better than the Standard gain option as the former starts at 1.0x gain.
Does this product come with a warranty? No mention of it on the overview page.
I found an answer. This does NOT come with a warranty.
Wow, i think that's concerning!
Just got my O2 Amp: Desktop Edition. (Medium gain, 1.1x, 110V for the US). And I am a bit puzzled - no manual of any kind? I guess I can search for O2 headphone amp manual online, but that was a bit puzzling! Is that usual - to have no manual included (or *any* documentation of any kind)?
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Thanks again!
LOL, yes, the question seemed to have gotten lost in there somewhere.
So... I do use X3's line level output (and use the FiiO E06's line level input) with the Senn HD6xx - using E06's headphone output. And it sounds good. I was just hoping to make that sound better, if possible - within a reasonable cost. That was the main question! :)
That's why I thought that the JDS Labs' singular input might be useful for me. Well, as it turns out, it was/is analog. But, it still isn't present on Massdrop O2 (the single input). Of course, that could be fixed easily by buying a 'stereo breakout cable'. But then I will have to use X3's headphone out and not the line-level output, right?
In addition, I wanted to see if I could use the HD6xx with my receiver and what I needed for that. I will take a look at the line level outputs for receiver. I guess until now I was using the 'headphone out' on the front panel - not the smartest move on my part :(
Thanks, Keth!
It was fine to use the headphone out on the receiver, they just tend to use cheap class D amps compared to standalone models, with exceptions on specific models.
All you need is a 3.5mm male to RCA male adapter. The hardest part will be find a short quality male to male adapter that isn't ridiculously priced. Super easy to find 6 inch male to female cables, but not male to male for some reason.
I want to user this with a DragonFly Red, i think is 2.1 vRMS, what i should selecct? Standard Gain or Medium Gain?
I use this with Sennheiser HD 6xx, or 598 SR or 770 Pro 250 omhs.
Medium gain, since O2's maximum voltage output is around 7Vrms so the max gain with a 2.1Vrms source is 7 / 2.1 = 3.3x (Vout / Vin = gain)
sennheiser 6xx
Very new here. Just bought the HD6XX to use with my phone Note 9, do I need an amplifier. Will this O2 amplifier works good? Appreciate any advice. Thanks!
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For portability you can consider topping nx4, nx1
Thanks again for the advice I saw old drops for both and put in my request. Hope to get one soon.. probably nx4