Massdrop Objective 2 Headphone Amp: Desktop Editionsearch
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Massdrop Objective 2 Headphone Amp: Desktop Edition

Massdrop Objective 2 Headphone Amp: Desktop Edition

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I just bought the sennheiser 58x is this a good amp to buy for them? if so what one?
Does anyone know if these can power the Argon Mk3?
Can i use thjs amp with my phone? (3.5 to rca?)
Which model should i order for my hd6xx 300ohm? (Std or medium gain)
Anyone? I really appreciate your input.
edit: okay I take that back. not sure how some phones wire up their 3.5mm. if your phone only takes the standard 3 conductor end, nothing to worry about. but your phone probably has the 4th conductor (for in line mics) that might mess things up. i think regardless it shouldn't matter but i'm not 100% certain. the mic conductor might just be in contact with the ground inside.

gain question answered a few times lately. just read other post asking about it. short answer, it isn't straight forward. You almost have to own it/hear it to know or really know the specs of your DAC.
Which Gain should I get for my HD58X?
Standard Gain
Medium Gain???
very new to this, be kind. Can i pair this with FiiO E10k DAC?
Std vs. Medium Gain?

Hi All. I'd appreciate some technical advice.

I am looking at this amp (220v version), to power my Beyerdynamic T5p phones, which are 32ohm. Sould I be looking at the Std or Medium gain option? I have done as much research as I can, but clearly lack the scientific brain to understand what I'm reading.

Many thanks
Dammit i always find it on Drop with the wrong config for me dammit! RCA plugs shit im not in the 70's anymore, guess ill have to wait and the next Request & get one with Dac would been great B Day pres to my self ! oh well
What would you have in their place? XLR connectors?
What will the maximum dB-level be , using the different gain-settings with the O2 amp here on Massdrop?
I will be using the Hifiman 4xx..
Not sure whether to choose the medium config. (1.0 , 3.3) or standard (2.5 , 6.5) 🤔
Regards / Roland
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I only know what I'm talking about up to the point where I don't anymore...

There's no easy or absolute answer to your questions. In general if you're only going to have 1 pair of phones and 1 amp then I'd suggest spending more on the phones rather than the amp. But since you've already got the phones that doesn't mean you must automatically spend less than that on an amp.

I will say that the differences between different amps tend to be far more subtle than the differences between different headphones, and I'd suspect that the main benefits you'll experience with $200-300 amps compared to the O2 would be things such as better build quality, more stylish design, extra features or better fit and finish. In other words, non-audible benefits, but still benefits that you might be willing to pay extra for.

Hope this helps a little :)
Ok 👍
i have this plugged to my pc via external dac and it dosnt recognize it as an audio option ;( any help ?
Do you mean your PC doesn't recognize the external dac?

Is the dac connected to the PC via USB? If so does it require drivers?

Your PC won't know about the O2 amp, it only needs to recognize the dac (or soundcard) that is receiving the digital sound output.
I solved it by myself at the end thanks anyway
I am willing to spend some money unpgrading my PC with a separate sound card.

Does anyone have a recommendation for the best sound card to use with this amp?
The jds labs OL DAC. It will stack nicely with this and is from the same company and line.
Thanks very much for replying.
What are the differences between the 4 versions offered (110/220V and medium/standard gain)?
110/220V is the input voltage of the external power supply, you'll need to select the correct one to match your local mains voltage.

The gain determines the factor by which the amp increases the line level input voltage, and should be chosen based on the max output voltage of your intended source device and the sensitivity of your intended ear/head phones.
110/220 V option has to do with your wall outlet power. You must use the proper voltage. 110V for US and I think EU is 220.

(short answer)
gain is sort of how much louder do you want it. medium gain is good if you have a decent dac (2Vrms output) or you have sensitive headphones. Standard is good if you have a meh dac and/or low sensitivity headphones.

(longer answer)
For me using k7xx/6xx, my computer's DAC, and EQ with -6 dB pre-out, x1 gain isn't quite enough. x2.5 is plenty more than I need. x3.3 gain would be even more than I need. x6.5 would be way more than I need.

With a 2.1Vrms DAC, k7xx/6xx, and EQ with -6dB pre-out, I wish I could try a x1 gain. I have to keep the volume quite low when using x2.5 gain. (With x2.5, I have to put the DAC at -15 dB if I want to safely leave my actual volume knob at max - BTW -15 dB is quite significant. -20dB is 1/10th the voltage-which can be thought of as volume.)

Ideally you want to use the lowest gain setting that meets your loudness needs. In my case, standard gain option of x2.5 was best. For you if you have more sensitive headphones and not using EQ, x2.5 might be too much and medium gain with x1 gain would be best.