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Massdrop x Rab Kinetic Jacket

Massdrop x Rab Kinetic Jacket

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Hi Everyone,
Good news! The Massdrop x Rab Kinetic Jackets have arrived at the warehouse and we're planning on sending them out early. We estimate that the jackets will ship by the end of next week (February 9).
If you need to change your delivery address please contact community support through your transactions page ( by Tuesday, February 6 at 5pm PT.
We’re looking forward to everyone receiving the Massdrop x Rab Kinetic Jacket ahead of schedule!
Are these last years model? They aren’t the same as the website. Does it have grey inner or white?
Hello Everyone,

We are ecstatic to announce our first collaboration with Rab, probably best known for their high-end performance waterproof and down jackets. We've been working with them since the early days of our Ultralight Community here, with tremendous community response based on the high quality, excellent fit, top-end materials and focused design. 

Rab came out with the Kinetic Plus last year, quickly winning numerous awards, accolades and top reviews. Check out the Editors' Choice Award for Backpacker Magazine:

If you're looking for a superb waterproof shell, but are looking for something comfortable and subtle in appearance, this is it. 
This rain jacket is very unlike most rain jackets you've tried - it is not shiny, loud, or stiff. It's breathability is at the highest end of what's possible for a rain jacket. it's quiet when you walk, subtle in looks, and super stretchy. It moves with you, rather than either restricting you or being too bulky. This jacket excels spring/summer/fall with it's focus on breathability, slim fit and minimalist feature set, yet it can be used all year round.

While we love the Kinetic Plus, we worked with Rab to come up with a more minimalist version for our Massdrop members. What we've changed:

1) Removed the hand pockets, and replaced with a hidden zippered chest pocket. This saves weight and makes it pack down smaller, but perhaps more importantly is that it increases breathability. Every pocket means there is a double layer of fabric, which inhibits breathability. Also, hand pockets can be difficult to access when wearing a backpack or harness. Handily, the jacket packs into the chest pocket for easy carry.

2) Removed the velcro wrist closures. Again, saves weight and space, but also slightly increases breathability while removing a complexity we don't feel is necessary with a stretch shell. 

3) New colorway of all-black for men and women, and the slate/salmon for men.
Delivery Time: Right now, we're conservatively expecting an April 2018 delivery for this, which is perfect time for it's intended use. We're working to get that delivery date moved up meaningfully and I'll  periodically update you all throughout the production process. 

A note on fit: Rab clothing is known for their athletic cut, with slightly longer torso and arms for unrestrained motion. This jacket is particularly slim, which works because the fabric is so danged stretchy. However, it is not designed for layering over much clothing. It should fit over a light to mid-weight baselayer, and that's about it. If you're looking for something to layer over a puffy jacket or just prefer a more relaxed fit, please size up

From Rab: "Our Slim Fit garments are designed to be worn closer to the body or over layers such as base-layers and light mid-layers. Close fitting for maximum performance when moving dynamically."
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Hi Locus, I have a size 42 chest and have the original jacket in size L. It's VERY snug around the ole pecs. You should probably size up, especially if you want to wear anything other than just a compression under armour shirt underneath
My husband is that size and generally a large in Rab jackets works well for him.
Did you make your own design or is this last years model? The one on there website is different? Is the interior grey or white?

Really wanted this coat, but the sizing doesn't work for me. To get my sleeve length (36) I'd have to get an Extra Large, but then it would be 6 inches wider than I am. A nice not so formfitting blanket at that point lol. No love for slim and tall.
Does anyone have information on how to wash these? Do you need to use a special detergent like Nikwax?
tyler256 In short, yes, use a Nikwax or similar product
Anyone else having problems getting a response from Massdrop support? I had a support thread going about this item and they went silent on me. I've been following up for three weeks and haven't heard anything.
First drop, 2nd, third? Am I missing the bar that usually shows what stage it's at?

I have not been here in a while so maybe they made changes.
looks like a great jacket. I just wish it had two-way zips and a stowable hood, both of which are very helpful for bicycling (ventilation and vision).
Can this be worn over a undershirt and dress shirt within the size chart or is sizing up recommended?
You should be able to wear it over a dress shirt/undershirt but not much more than that. Would suggest sizing up if you want the freedom to wear over a sweater. If you prefer the overall look of a slim fit, sizing true to size would be best.
Anyone have experience with how windproof this is?
How does this jacket maintain breathability if the fabric is designed to wet out when it rains? I thought that a key component of breathability was for the face fabric to remain free of water- hence the big emphasis on the importance of maintaining the DWR treatment on standard jackets.

I just got mine. The fit is non-typical. I'm 5'10" and 175lbs. I wear a 40 tailored fit suit jacket and have a 32" waist. I got the Men's Large Rab jacket in order to fit other layers underneath. Lucky I did. The upper body fit is very slim. A Medium would have been too tight across the chest and shoulders. Also, the arm holes are very constricting. They are high and feel tight at my arm pits. With a fleece layer on underneath it is downright uncomfortable at my arm pits.
Also, the zipper is left handed, the opposite of every other piece of clothing I have. It is funny how difficult it is to zip because of this. Guess I need to work on the other side of my brain!
Seems to be consistent fitment reports. Thanks for sharing!
Tried this jacket out last Saturday for the first time and it was horrible. It does not breathe. I have a brooks jacket I paid far less for that is waterproof and breathes a heck of a lot better. If I could return it I would.
Did it just magically become available to Australia?
appears that way. there goes my last excuse for not getting one. Well that and the fact that I already have 1 shell, 2 softshells and 2 windshirts...