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Moleskine Large Notebook (5-Pack)

Moleskine Large Notebook (5-Pack)

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i have a moleskin notebook that i haven't touched in years. im gonna read all the reviews here, and then ill go look at my notebook and put my thoughts

it was cute to go through old drawings and stuff :)
but as for the notebook it was meh, the paper was meh, its got a smooth touch to it, but that sorta makes writing worse (feels like a very thin layer of wax) the pages are extremely thin but luckily there are a lot of them especially since you probably wont be using both sides of the page.
The bookmark thing?.. whatever it is- just why is it even there? i thought it was that a peace of the binding that was hanging out, until i saw how long it really was and remembered its a mark. its annoying and ugly, i recommend snipping it off.
the cover feels alright; the band is useful too. there's also a folder thing in the back, but whatever.

in conclusion it looks like a 4 dollar note book, the pages feel like they tried to make it expensive but then cut the thickness in half to save money.
i'd say it's worth 7 dollars, or 10 at most (coincidentally the price here) but that's a stretch.
when i got them they were $20 for a small book, i got a 2 pack and wasted $3 less per book.
even if you were willing to spend $10 on one of these why would you want 4 extra you're never gonna use after you realize they're not great notebooks?
I was preparing to reply to a post here then realized it was FIVE years old, lol!!! Imagine getting a reply five years later, “blah blah blah, and BTW, belated congratulations on the re-election of President Obama! This is the term it ALL happens! Absolutely nothing in his way...”
PS. Of course, this forum is not a time machine, lol! Perhaps I get more sleep and dial back on the coffee(s).
Wow!! As a Canadian, that price is phenomenal!! As a Canadian, that shipping price is (also somewhat) phenomenal!!

$32.25...really? How thick and high is that f****** border anyways? Is that Border Wall on the northern border now? :(
Still waiting...
What’s up where are mine notebooks?
Is this an A5 sized notepad?
They're a little narrower. These are listed as 5"x8.25". By contrast, A5 is 5.83"x8.27".
Has moleskine improved their paper quality? The last couple of their books I've had would feather and bleed immediately when used with a fountain pen.
One of the most overrated notebook. I avoid it like plague!
They are very sensitive to unk and pen. When it works, they are really nice to write in imho. Tii bad most inks will easily bleed through. I don't experience much feathering, but I stick mostly to EF abf Fine nibs. Also, it helps that I prefer to always prefer inly writing on the right side of a book, almost never on the back of another written page. Very few books have no kind of see through in my experience.
Ah. No sketch book option. Makes me sad.
I think I might be missing something here. i only see drop downs to select 4 books. With shipping to Canada, I'm looking at roughly USD 100, while ordering 4 books from Amazon is roughly CAD 100 (so a better deal).
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Thanks for flagging this, and apologies for the error.

We have added the 5th option to the drop and extended the drop through the weekend so everyone who wanted to has a chance to join. For those of you who have already joined, our Community Support team will be reaching out to you with instructions on how to make sure you get all the notebooks you wanted.
Thanks Liz
Do the notebooks have 48 or 240 pages each? The drop-down list says 240 pages total, indicating that there are 48 pages per notebook, while the description claims that each notebook has 240.
Please, keep in mind, that ballpoint pens as well as fountain ones will create such a picture on the other side of the page.
With moleskines o have switched to pencil. or .38 pens
If they offered the Sketchbooks, they work amazing, I go through a dozen a year, and use only fountain or felt pens.
When I go to order, it only allows me to select the kind of notebook I want for four notebooks, not five. Is this a 4-pack or a 5-pack?
We've fixed this error, and posted here: