Pelikan M200 Smoky Quartz Special-Edition Setsearch

Pelikan M200 Smoky Quartz Special-Edition Set

Pelikan M200 Smoky Quartz Special-Edition Set

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This will be my first pelikan pen
I am so pleased
In case anybody's interested, here's a potato-quality photo of the pen and ink in action.
Nyeah, how does the carrot version look, Doc?

Looks great. I do hope that the price remains low the next time it comes around. Too broke to join this time.
I don't really see a lot of satisfactory results when I search for it, but how does the size of the Pelikan M200 compare to the Pelikan M100? I happen to own an M100 already and think it's a great pen. I initially thought it was a little on the small side, but I got used to it once I started to write with it more frequently, and I always see people complain about how the M200 is too small for their tastes.
Holy carp the price this time is amazing - $30 lower than closest stateside store! Sold American!
hmmm not sure why the pen sold separately comes with a leather pouch, but buy the bundle and the pouch is dropped whilst the ink is added.
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halfmanhalfbearhalfpig – actually, this is part of a gift set that comes in a nifty looking gift box. It comes like this from Pelikan, IIRC. I ordered mine from La Couronne du Comte's webstore and am very happy with it, but this price beats what I paid by a whole lot. I'd say this is a good deal.
Right you are. This is a complete set. I was mostly referring to Pelikans in general since people seem confused why sometimes there's leather pouch, sometimes there's not.
This is a great pen for the price and the ink is fantastic. It shades very nicely!

For those poo-poo'ing the 200 series, they really are nice pens. The quality is good, and the nibs are usually pretty fantastic. I've had far fewer nib issues with my 200s than with my more expensive Pelikans. (Disclaimer: my M805s and M605s are regulars in my EDC rotation.) That being said, with average-sized hands like mine, the 200/400 series are fantastic for long writing sessions.
200s aren’t too exciting, best to save up for an 800.
Can you add a picture of what the ink looks like on paper? You usually have it for these ink drops.
Hmm, very nice pen - though as a European, I have to pass. The price is more expansive than the Amazon offering, and that is before tax, import and shipping... :( Too bad.
I had this in my cart last night, but forgot to checkout. Now I come back and it's gone. I don't remember the price, but the lowest was unlocked, maybe $140$ or so?
Bought during the last drop, and love it. Smaller pen, with a very qualit , somewhat small steel nib. The barely transparent brown section is the perfect look for someone who likes the idea of a demonstrator but doesnt like the look- can just see the ink if you look hard. Like all Pelikans the nib unscrews from section so can be swapped out and easily cleaned. The ink is great too and a perfect match. Only caution is be careful because Pelikan's have a way of multiplying. Got this and next thing I knew all the sudden I had a blue stripe M805 Souveran... No idea how that happened!
Got this yesterday, and I love everything about it. This is my first Pelikan, and the nib is smooth as butter. Great deal for a great pen!

Mine too!
I got into this drop last time around and I must say, the pen and the ink are amazing. I LOVE the smoky brown ink. Looks fantastic when writing in my journal, white/yellow notebook paper when I'm at work. The pen is of a quality resin and is fairly light. The nib is of good quality as well. To all the people getting in on the deal this time around you will love this setup.
How can I go about buying the matching ball point separately? Thanks
You'll have to Google around for a Pelikan K200 Smoky Quartz, you should find several online retailers who have it in stock.
Thanks for the reply, I found it, but man it's expensive!