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Raidops Blue Shark M390 Folding Knife

Raidops Blue Shark M390 Folding Knife

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Does anyone else here have any comments they can share on either the detent or the pivot screw loosening up or being cemented in place?
I ask as a result of the day and night difference between GeorgeMX's experience and mine
His blade loosened up after a day, my pivot needed heat from a soldering iron and a ton of force to break loose. (whatever was on this bolt was sort of a grayish white. Not red, and certainly not the blue they used on the t6 body screws)

Regarding the detent, here's what I've found:
The lockbar has plenty of strength to it, but the detent ball doesn't fully seat in the hole when the knife is closed. You can see a large gap when viewed from the side while closed, just the very tip of the ball goes in)
As a result the blade easily shakes open and fails the 'gravity assist' laws 😞

After disassembly I did an experiment. Took out the stop pin, reassembled, and carefully closed the blade. At this point the detent ball was fully seated in the hole and the blade would not shake open no matter how hard I tried.
But opening with the middle finger flick was still nice and easy, and the blade springs out much more solidly every time.

The problem though, is that when the detent is fully engaged the blade is so far in the handle that the tip just barely makes contact with the backspacer.
Note the difference by the arrows below :


Stop pin removed -
I want to fix this on my own, but I'm trying to determine the best way to go about it?

Easiest way would be grinding out the finger choil a little further so the blade closes further before it hits the stop pin, but then I need to also remove material from the backspacer for clearance and re-anodize that.
Removing material from the stop pin would have the same drawback with the backspacer.....
So, I guess drilling out the detent hole in the blade is the way to go in this case?
Do I just use a larger drill bit and drill on center? I'm worried if I try with the same size moved up just a hair, the bit is going to just walk back into the original hole. (I have a decent drill press, not doing this by hand... But still, small bits flex, and runout is a thing)

If anyone here has experience doing that, I'd love to hear it
That's pretty shitty for both of you. What's MD going to do about this? I thought they had all the stock sent to them first so they could defect check this before sending it on to the customer.
I'm sure it's never been MD's intention to check items before shipping. Things are sent to them first just so they can receive bulk palettes of products and package them themselves, but they don't open and inspect everything.

Even if they did:
a) detent strength is different in every knife, a weak detent isn't an automatic red flag. My complaint on that may be someone else's preference.
b) they sure as hell better not be adjusting pivots, which is the only way they would've noticed the discrepancies in loctite there.

I still have high praise for this knife overall, the only part in mine that I'm really upset by was the cement like loctite. The detent 'issue' is more of a fine tuning customization sort of thing I think.

And i believe the issues GeorgeMX is having could potentially be fixed with a tear down cleaning and reassembly. The lock grinding may or may not be a serious issue, but the loosening pivot is easily dealt with with a touch of blue Loctite, and I'd consider that common maintenance.
Although I completely understand his position on not wanting to have to do that immediately on a brand new knife, for me that's always the first step with a new one anyway.

I'm sure MD will process his return without question, but I'm not looking for anything like that myself
The frame lock is poorly designed. It's too tight. This is not a matter of breaking it in. It gets completely jammed. Metal on metal grinding. Definitely not worth the purchase. I am reselling it.
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Thanks for letting me know about easy returns. I have not attempted to open the knife because I will be returning it. I ordered the ferom Forge wing version, so I will be giving mass drop another shot.
Understandable. And I didn't mean for you to open it up, was just wondering if you could re-tighten it with the included torx tool. They don't generally loosen up without the screw being able to turn, ya know?

I finally got mine to break loose today, with heat and way too much pressure. No idea what they used on the pivot, kinda a whitish gray, definitely different from the nice bright blue Loctite on the 6 body screws though.

More details to come in a review later, gotta get back to work for now
This is s great price. Therefore, resale value will be very good, especially if you keep it in good condition. Can't wait to receive this knife. It has great specs and appears very well put together. The size will make a great EDC. Not to mention I love the look. This is my first order from massdrop. Only downside is the very long wait for shipping.
Kinda shocked we made it through almost the whole drop with no one asking.... But just watched a review for this knife that says Raidops is a South Korean company, but this particular knife is made for them by Viper Knives in Italy

M390 steel cf/ti handle. 150.00 usd shipped. I’m sold!
Has no one purchased one of these knives here yet? My description page isn’t showing if anyone has bought a single one of these knives yet.
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Lol, very good! : )
That’s my favorite thing to say to my family and friends over the phone! : ) It’s also the only time they call me...when their computer goes down.
Does anyone see pics with funky colors. The main one, on the thumbnail link for the drop, is a very basic boring shot of a black-handled knife, and the scale appears to be black G10. But mostb of the other pics show a knife with purple hue all over, almost like it's in a purple light. Except for one pic showing the presention side, blade closed. The blade looks yellow; scalenlooks like th carbon it should be. Weird.
Turn up your brightness and you can see the cf pattern. The other shots have been taken under a yellowish light causing the strange colours. Look it up on YouTube there's better footage.
It's not another flipper and who cares if the only thing its good for is opening packages it looks great.
Looks like a design rip off of the Benchmade Mini Loco
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Actually, my point was that I think the differences are rather large

Sure, they're both a sort of stylized reverse tanto with a belly (which isn't a new thing with either of them) and a thumb hole, and they both have that sort of humpback overall shape, like a frown, i don't know if there's a term for it.... But that's the extent of it. Lots of knives have those traits.

Seems to me the list of differences is a larger one.
The contours of the handle, materials used, finger guard is part of the blade vs part of the handle, lanyard hole is part of the backspacer vs built into the handle, tip comes much lower vs the almost spear point alignment of the BM, full backspacer vs open frame with standoffs, completely different locking mechanism

That's what I'm saying, there are only so many combinations of features that can be shuffled together. Eventually there has to be knives with 2 or 3 overlapping traits
this raidops looks close in blade shape, and blade-handle angle to this kabar.

there are only so many ways you can design a functional blade and have it fit a human hand.
It’s a reverse tanto. It looks a lot like the Benchmade Mini Loco.
Had to say hi to Doug.....I agree on the Benchmark Mini Loco
Benchmade, I stand corrected