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All three notebooks arrived noticeably scratched and bearing some marks on the covers. One with dirt on pages. Looks like they was not handled properly.

Have you followed up with rhodia or massdrop about this?
I love Rhodia paper. I am trying to resist the compulsion to add more blank notebooks to my stash.
If you are in the US, Michaels is having 50% off on all Rhodia notebooks (that they carry), which include the reverse notebooks, til 3/24. Free shipping $49 or above.
Yes. I bought enough Rhodia notebook to last me next decade. However, now I am trying to create my own notebook using HP premium 32lb paper.
Nice paper love the ability to move spiral binding to the right, left or top.
Even right handers get annoyed with a binding in the way. Works great with graph and dot paper. Hope to see Rhodia come out with a square lined version.. of course that would basically be a spiral topped square pad... 🤓
Bummer when shipping prohibits more folks from joining.
I too was surprised at the shipping, and prefer the dot pads. Pleasantly though, I just found that ordering 2 packs , the shipping only increased By $1 at $9.25. That puts the notebooks at same as amazon for the graphed I think.
$22 for the notebooks and $19 for the shipping!!! No thank you.
Shipping cost of $18.75 for canadians. Nice!
OOOOO! Just saw $8.25 for shipping.......I'm out!

Now Massdrop, please tell me why we can no longer see the item's shipping charge until we've joined the drop? And at that, I have to scroll waaaay down to the bottom of the page to see it. Sounds kind of shady. It did not used to be like that....I could see that the shipping cost AND the item cost on the first page of the drop, as it should be, IMO.

Why the change? Seems more honest the old-fashioned way.
I agree that not listing the shipping price on the main page does come off as a bit shady!
I agree it would be nice if it was on the page somewhere, next to the price or even at the bottom. That said, most eCommerce sites you go to don't list their shipping price on every product page. You don't have to join the drop here to see it, you just have to click "Join Drop" which is basically like checking out before you see it. Like any other eCommerce site IMO. You see the shipping price as you're checking out.

Also, yeah that shipping price kills this for me. I could buy 3 of these for ~$25-27 on Amazon and get free 2-day Prime shipping. I'd love some Rhodia notebooks given their reputation (I have some other brands I really like, for example Baron Fig makes great notebooks I use for taking notes while I'm working), but this is one of those drops where it makes absolutely no sense to join. I don't really understand why Massdrop does this, other than because people will buy it. If it's an exclusive item or a group buy only item or a hard-to-get item then the pricing is less important. But an item like this is a commodity, why would I pay Massdrop even the same price as Amazon let alone more?
Great price per notebook, but the shipping cost too much...
Makes me want to rethink my purchase.
If you are interested in the standard grid paper and are an Amazon Prime member, then you will do better buying these notebooks on Amazon largely because of the steep shipping charge of $8.25. You can buy a single notebook for as low as $8.85 with free same day shipping and you can even buy a 3 pack with a black cover bundled with a pen for $26.99 (again, prime so no shipping charge). However, if you are like me and you like the dot grid and have a preference for the size of the reverse books, you will need to buy them here. They do not offer the dot grid in the Reverse Notebooks anywhere else that I've been able to find and I have checked.

This is one main reason that attracted me to this drop. I'm left handed, and this is a pleasant change for me to use these books for basic notes, and journal writing.
Hi folks,

As if 2/2/2017, current comparison pricing for the graph paper version on Amazon (with Prime shipping) is just shy of $9.00/each.

If you just want graph paper, live in Conus and have Prime, that might be the way to go. But this was from a check of Amazon and Camel For the price RIGHT NOW. Amazon pricing can change (up or down) without notice.

I didnt see the dot-pad style available at all. So, on first glance, the availability of the dot-pad version at a reasonable price (it is a premium notebook) seems to be one of the ONLY deals out there and at a very fair price, to boot.

As usual, I hope this helps.


Fine print: blah, blah, yadda, yadda. Will probably fill this in later.
The Rhodia website doesn't specify that this notebook is available in dot grid, only graph. Is this a special run for massdrop?

The french catalog shows dot grid being available.

23 dollars for the notebooks...18.75 to ship...😨
$18.75? I don't know if they changed it, but it is $8.25 for me...
Ya'll all have good points regarding the cost of these books. However, very tempting to a left hander that's likes to journal. If anyone knows of a cheeper way with similar quality products, please let me know. Thanks.

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