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SMSL SAP-II Headphone Amp

SMSL SAP-II Headphone Amp

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“A Phenomenal Little Amp”

Ideal for driving demanding headphones, the SMSL SAP-II delivers clean, powerful sound from a compact package. It outputs 1,000 mW at 32 ohms—impressive for an amp with a footprint of just 5 by 3 inches. The aluminum chassis is complete with a thick front panel. On the front, you’ll find a large solid aluminum volume knob, along with a quarter-inch headphone jack, a power switch, and a switch that lets you select between the 3.5-millimeter and RCA stereo inputs. One Head-Fi reviewer calls the SAP-II “a phenomenal little amp” with “way more than enough power to get the AKG K7XXs boogying at 10–11:00 o’clock on the dial with plenty to spare.”

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SMSL SAP-II Headphone Amp
SMSL SAP-II Headphone Amp
SMSL SAP-II Headphone Amp
SMSL SAP-II Headphone Amp


  • SMSL
  • Chassis material: Aluminum
  • Standard input interface: ⅛ in (3.5mm) / RCA stereo input (with switching)
  • Output interface: ¼ in (6.35 mm) jack
  • Input voltage: 400 mV ~ 2 V
  • SNR: ≥ 105 dB
  • Distortion: ≤ 0.003%
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz–30 kHz
  • Output power: 150 mW at 250 ohms; 300 mW at 120 ohms; 1,000 mW at 32 ohms
  • Universal power supply voltage: AC 110–220V
  • Dimensions, including protrusions: 5 x 2.9 x 1.2 in (126 x 74 x 30 mm)
  • Weight: 17.6 oz (500 g)


  • DC24V Japan PSE certification power supply
  • 6.25mm ¼ in (6.35 mm) male to ⅛ in (3.5 mm) stereo audio adapter 


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