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Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100 III

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100 III

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Same camera at Jet Cameras online is $488
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Have you ever purchased from Jetcamera before? Many members have flagged this site as a bait and switch storefront.

I would love to hear your experience with them as would the community.

Thanks in advance for your answer.
Hi Jaysun,

I've never purchased from them before and was completely unaware of that practice or their shady reputation. What a bummer but thanks for the heads up amigo! So glad I hadn't pulled the trigger on that yet.
I am a little confused... How do I make calls on this?
This is a decent camera, but for a bit more you can have the RX100 III, which is a great camera... primarily as it has an viewfinder (EVF) built in. Anyone who actively takes a lot of pictures will tell you that you might as well use your phone if you're trying to compose via a screen.
Look for:
  • Solid image and video quality
  • Built-in Auto ND filter
  • Built-in EVF
  • Bright, sharp lens
  • Ergonomics significantly improved
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Oh I see, no worries- I was thinking this could be a good compact camera for my mother who just wants nice point and shoot shots... the viewfinder was a good note though!
For your mom? Get the 90...
Has a viewfinder with a diopter adjustment so she can set it to her eye. Takes great photos and less than the RX100ii
Imported brand or USA Model? Will this have Sony warranty?
How would this compares to Canon G9X mark II? Its going for 430 at B&H currently.
If I was to join this drop the warranty would be with Massdrop? How does this work? Anyone have experience with Massdrop handling a warranty?
I had the the original RX100 and it's so beautiful as a pocket go to. I love the second one because they finally have wifi and nfc on it. The only thing the RX100 III has on it is the Electronic Viewfinder Pop-Up. Which isn't a deal breaker at all. IV has slowmotion (1000fps) and 4k. and the V has ridiculous fps burst speeds and autofocusing. Image quality is pretty much all the same: amazing.
Any experience with shipping to Serbia?
If I purchased this today (or tomorrow)...approximately when would I receive it?
Estimate is May 5th at the bottom of the description.
From past experience, I know that 28mm is not wide enough for me. The III, IV, and V versions all use a wider lens (24mm instead of 28mm) which is a more useful focal length. Hopefully, someday we will get a drop for the III or IV or V.
Super excited to get this Drop going. Spread the word to your friends that are in need of a KILLER compact/pocket camera! Just need a few more people to join to get to the lowest price point.
We've just received additional insight from the vendor regarding the group's order and here's where we're at:

Shortly after the drop ended we placed the group's order and the vendor confirmed the available quantities. We were later informed that all units had been prepared for shipment and were en route to our warehouse. Soon after, we learned that this notification and tracking was actually for a similar order and the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IIIs were not included as a part of it .

The vendor acknowledged the mistake and only now informed us that they are unable to provide an accurate timetable for when these cameras will be able to ship. With this uncertainty in mind, we have decided the best course of action for the community is to cancel the drop and issue full refunds to each member. This decision is never an easy one and we have put future drops with this vendor on hold until they demonstrate process changes to eliminate this issue from happening again.

Refunds will be applied to your payment method within 1-3 business days. If you'd like further information about how we handle situations like this, you can visit the following link:

Thanks once again for your patience and support of the Photography community. Your involvement is so valuable as we continue to grow and improve the experience for all members.
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That's the Mark I (original) version, not the Mark II, which has a whole host of additional features, including a hot shoe and wifi capabilities.