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does anyone know what size tips these use as i like to use comply foam tips
Is there any warranty for this monitor?
i have litte experiance with iems my only quality ones i owned were the KC06A from ostry, which i loved. the quality and soud were exceptional for the price. i used them a daily drivers, how to these compare. obvusly ther better cause they cost more but in what degrees are these better? would they last as a new pair of dailys?
Is there any warranty information for this product?
Is there any warranty details for these?
These seem to be un-vented. Any noise generated internally by walking or chewing seems very loud and more disruptive compared to any other earphones that I've used. I also wonder if en-vented earphones present a greater risk for hearing loss.
I don't think the venting plays a role in whether hearing damage is a risk. That has everything to do with how loud you play them In fact, if they truly are un-vented then you would likely experience less sound bleeding in from the outside which means you could listen at lower volumes without being bothered by outside noises.
Hi all, skeptical on the sound, find the mid-range quite forward and lacking details in the highs and lows. I have tried with and without DAC/Amp (Xduoo 05). When compared to the 1More 4 driver they sound really lacking life and details. Furthermore it might be the cable but with 0 volume they produce a buzzing sound that you don't hear if music plays but at 0 level there is some sort of white noise/buzzing sound that is quite irritating. So not the best purchase in my case to be honest ...
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hi, do you have a suggestion on some cables that I can buy as replacements?
Mine just shipped the other day, shows it will be deliveries by Wednesday !
What cable with reasonable cost should we upgrade to ? Tks
Thanks for the helpful advice !
bundle cable is shit but sound is really really f**king good
Anyone know how these stack up against the Nuforce HEM8s? I have those and am loving them, but would be sad if I lost or broke them - looking for a cheaper alternative.
Overseas order here. Just got word from MD that my P4 Pros are shipping! Exciting and ahead of schedule so far!
Mine has been shipped but the tracking number isn't recognised yet...
These IEMs are great. The clarity of sounds and the isolation of each instrument is the best I've had. That said, the cable they came with is awful. I have to wiggle them around in the socket to find the sweet spot which delivers a full sound, and when I find it it doesn't last long. Even worse, the aluminum piece at the connector is able to slip off when you're pushing in the connector! I hope mine was a lemon, because it was an aggravating part of an otherwise great product.

Can someone help me between purchasing this or the Nuforce EDC3, I know both have a neutral sound signature which is what I prefer, but both are at practically the same price point so I'd like to hear your opinions on which one is better.
Wow, these are out of this world. If this drop ever happens again, I'm buying two more pairs. I was interested in getting CIEM's, but the fit and isolation offered in these makes the cost difference not worth it. No hotspots and about as good as isolation can get before going noise cancelling. I find myself lowering the volume since I dont haven't drown out everything going on around me. Powering on my Note 9, I find that these get much louder than all IEM's I've tried (mostly dynamic drivers). The sound quality is also great. Vocal clarity is out of this world, mids are very present and accurate, bass is tight and not overpowering. Sound stage is great for an IEM and imaging is outstanding. These are a steal at the Massdrop price and very much worth the $125 on Ali or Amazon.
Maybe I'm crazy but after letting these break in for a few days I think I found my end game well at least till I decide to move into the $200 - 300+ price bracket. I just love these I found myself not even wanting to buy another pair of IEMs even thought its 11.11 on Ali
Are the BA drivers in these made by Knowles?
Just read the literature that came in the box & it appears to be a 4 way crossover design. Here's how it reads in their poor translation. "The 4 balanced armature system is composed of a low sound drive, a medium sound drive, a high sound drive and a super soprano drive, which matches the four channel frequency division circuits" blah, blah blah..... What do you think? 4 way x-over? Although, the box states, "Three frequency division design". ???
Just a warning about the cables that come with the TENHZ P4 Pro. I was swapping cables between my Shure, UE 900s & P4 looking for any difference (sound/feel around the ear & tangle resistance). BTW the Shure wins & it's fully shielded. Anyway, I had the TEHZ cable on the UEs & I couldn't get the left connector to disengage. When examining the other, good, connector for clues how to get the other one off, the spider washer fell off. I had tried prying the connector off with a sharp blade in the gap, but it wouldn't budge. I ended up clamping the case & pulling with pliers & it finally popped off. Luckily I got the connector off without destroying the UE case. In the process I pulled the cable out of the connector, so I don't have to worry about this happening again. It's very possible that the UE 900s connectors are reason for the tight fit, even though all MMCX connectors should be interchangeable.
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awesome, thanks for sharing, looking forward to hearing more :)
Bugeyed you are 100% correct. I'm using my mmcx cable from my Shure SE535 and the sound is amazing. Also, these things scale well with an amp.
Wait can anyone tell me why there's people get the iem right after drop ends? Is shipping that fast?
The drop that just ended is a second drop. The ones being delivered are fro the previous drop that ended 9/24. I was surprised when I saw this drop go active.
I just got a message saying my P4 is on the way lol
Got them today first impression of them my gosh these are good like stupid good for the price even the $125 on Ali is a steal. These just solidify my mindset that Chi-fi is better than mainstream stuff for the price. Sound quality is insanely good and the fit is astoundingly good they fit my ears so well. I can't say enough good things about them just buy them already you'll be sorry you didn't.
Just got mine. I have to say, I'm impressed with the amount of isolation! The Bass felt rolled off until I got a good seal, then everything sounded great and dynamic range became possible without dipping below the noise floor in noisy environments.
I was afraid that the bass was going to be rolled off, judging from some reviews, but so far I am happy with it. With the right seal they go very low & it's well articulated. Comparing them to my UE 900s today, but initial impression is very favorable. They definitely have a thicker & more attractive housing than the UEs. The UEs have 2 BAs for the bass where the TENHz have the treble with 2. Interesting, but not sure of the BAs used in either model. The TENHz are very efficient for sure so am listening thru an iBasso DX80 for now. Only other option is tube amps. BTW for lack of knowing any better, I am calling the brand TENHertZ Get it? Ten Hz? Anyway, at least I can pronounce that!
Can someone help me with the name for the iem connected cable adapter like the termination i'm trying to see if ursine audio has the connector.
MMCX (micro-miniature coaxial) at the earpiece, 3.5mm stereo (TRRS) at the other end.
Nice thank you, So funny that's one of the names a randomly searched to see if it looked alike.
Received these in the mail this afternoon. Won't get to try them today, but in the house! Nice leather-ish case with velvet lining and magnet close on flap. Very nice looking. Cable is detachable and clear outer covering over copper braided cable. Gold colored connectors/pin.

My cable is clear over silver colored cable???
wtf...5 days ago, I bought it at aliexpress for 100 dollars OMG.....
Do you have them yet? How do you like them?
Marketing these with the LOOK of custom IEMs, when they are not custom, seems fraudulent to me. Be aware that these are NOT custom IEMs, these are off the shelf, and will not fit like a custom.
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Silicon is not silicone, however here's a fun fact for you: silicone polymers contain silicon bonded with oxygen. ;-)
As a caveat I want to say that I’ve been in the IEM game for a long time, owning everything from the Ety 4s to the Shure SE535s. Everyone on the fence about getting these should know that they’re an absolute steal at $80. I’m listening using my pico Amp/DAC and am blown away. Bass is impactful but not thin, mids are impressive, and detail retrieval is beyond anything I was expecting. Treble is clean. I know there’s a lack of reviews of these things and that’s a shame.
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The separation on busy tracks is fantastic, particularly dance and pop. Detail retrieval (meaning, hearing parts mixed way down in the mix) is a highlight of the headphone. Signature is neutral-bright, which makes it brighter than the very flat ER4. Similar mid centric sound to the se535.
Thanks for checking! Enjoy them :) by the way I play in a community orchestra, check us out at https://open.spotify.com/album/25EV4WTjeRY9vrhHyzS8q9?si=isc-c_cvRp-rdNl7095eAA :)
I joined the drops weeks ago. Honesty i almost forgot about them. Today I got the earphones in my door. I am really impress with them. They earpieces look and feel super solid. They definitely look like those custom made IEM that cost thousand of dollars. I like good sound but I don't consider myself and audiophile. This IEM sound great. No background noise or distortion to my ears. They are very isolating and comfortable to wear. The seem big but fit very nicely on my ear even without the cable I don't think they will fall off. I wouldn't go running with them though. To me the sound quality is the best I got so far. The stage sound reasonably open specially for an IEM. They have a strong bass and very sharp tweeters. I have the Mee Elec M6-pro and this is definitely a good improvement on those even more if you consider that the difference in price is close to 25 bucks. I use then mostly with my phone LG V30+ finally I see the point of the QuadDAC. The only thing i miss in this IEM is a cable that will allow calls. And that "leather looking case" is not really that good looking although It gave me a big smile when I was in the un-boxing. I hope they are as durable as they look. I'll post back after some use.
Hi, I have a V20 with a related quad DAC. When you increase the volume (within safe levels) is there distortion? Also, how do "congested" tracks sound, e.g. orchestra music or rock with a lot of guitar/percussion going on at the same time?
I'm so tired of seeing descriptions of iems that only state the number and type of drivers. So, in this case you have 4 balanced armatures. Obviously there has to be a bass armature, but what about the other 3? Is it a midrange, tweeter and super tweeter; is it a midrange and 2 tweeters; is it 2 midranges and 1 tweeter; etc.? What about the crossover? Is it a 2-way or 3-way? Massdrop is and has been dropping the ball on their description of iems for quite sometime. If you want to get a better description of most iems here you have to do your on research and that's not always possible. Massdrop seems to think that if they state the driver configuration and price then that's good enough. I think we deserve a full description of each iem that goes into technical detail about how the different drivers are utilized and how the crossover(s) are configured. Massdrop should be able to get these specs from the manufacturer since they are the original purchaser. It's time for Massdrop to treat us more as enthusiasts rather than a group of mindless buyers.
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I reviewed this recently and my P4 PRO packaging says 1 low, 1 mid , 2 treble. The linked review on the product page here is for the original p4. its misleading.
Thanks @bugeyed and @antdroid, edited previous comment. @CEE_TEE @Will or someone at Massdrop could you fix the overview please?
Mine just shipped
Same here. Week late but that's alright