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Terra Nova Laser Ultra 1P Tent

Terra Nova Laser Ultra 1P Tent

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For everyone asking AndyJarman, DoMoreInLife.

The main reason to want this tent design is aerodynamics and set up time.
I've used the Tarptent original Moment which has pretty much the same shape and it's super quick to set up and wind just glides over it. Great for camping in exposed alpine windy areas. I can't quite explain it but the tent design just gave me a great sense of confidence.
(On a relative note, I was cowboy camping on a mountain peak while a friend was in a Tarptent Double Rainbow. The wind just happen to come at his tent perpendicular to the main arch pole, which acted as a sail and he nearly got blown over the edge. He had to wake me up and ask me to sit on his tent while he dismantled it so as to not be blown down into the gorge below.)

If you're camping in sheltered woods, wind isn't such an issue so it would be many times over more pleasurable to sleep in a ZPacks Duplex.
So different tents for different treks.
i feel you could find something similar to this shape and less cost. seems unreal. hopefully nobody has ever paid the full msrp for it. jesus.
I don't understand why anyone would buy this tent when there are cheaper and lighter alternatives that have more versatility and customization like Zpacks . Just my two cents
Cool and all, but I can buy a zpacks tent that has more room, weighs less and is cheaper. Seems a bit overpriced to me.
Guy lines are so misogynistic. Why don't they ever use chick lines?
Witty rejoiner #81.
Big Sky International Soul, same weight and no pegs or guy lines required. Zpack Duplex lighter, 2doors, lots of room for two people, plenty of ventilation, gaze out the doors and watch the stars, watch the rain, in dry comfort. Why even think about this tent? Looks like a sweaty little bivy - imagine this in the rain with the Fly zipped up! Better off saving your money and buying a Miles Gear Pico Bivy.
Hah was wondering if the ultra would make an appearance. Such a dope tent, pity you can't use trekking poles.

Looks like very light weight cuben though... Very transparent
This is so light, but also very very expensive
1.25 pounds! wow.
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