TT BlacX Duet eSATA Dual HD Docking Stationssearch

TT BlacX Duet eSATA Dual HD Docking Stations

TT BlacX Duet eSATA Dual HD Docking Stations

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The user reviews for the USB 3.0 version are horrible, with many reporting corrupted drives:
yes these ar junk ... do not buy
I have an older model (N0028USU) of this dock, with usb 2.0, sata and one bay. I use it with a couple 1TB drives for backups and long term storage.

It works great, but there is a minor design flaw with the power switch, which is simple to fix. I don't know if this flaw exists with the models in this drop.

The power button hits the pcb, preventing full switch actuation. The fix is to simply file a flat spot on the button sufficient to clear the pcb, then super glue it to the switch post. You should also file a little more away to account for switch wobble, which is considerable. After this fix, it won't be a problem ever again.

BTW, the eject button on these is just an assist. You have to pull the drive out while using the eject button, otherwise you might break it.

Why list something as eSATA when it's not? Very unprofessional.
That's MD for you. Posting wrong info in drop description is pretty much a rule here.
eSATA is dead.
The HDD with the window is an old Western Digital Raptor X drive for those wondering. Shame more companies didn't put a window on any of their drives, thats such a cool thing!

This dock is garbage though, save some money and get an aluminum Unitek.
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They came with a heatsink for a reason lol. I actually had to search a little bit to figure out the drive name. I'll still run mechanical drives for a while, I'd love a windowed one. It's one of the few parts in a PC that actually move while working on something (other than fans, meh) and I just always like that visible functionality.
I can't speak for the specific models in this drop, but the one I have is not junk. Cheap in price, yes. But I've had it for about 9 years and it still works perfectly. For what little I paid (maybe $20), it just can't be beat.
Where is the eSATA port?
"hard drives in all capacities (up to 3TB per slot) "

u wut m8?
fkn make up your mind.
I have a Newer Tech single dock that is at least a 3yo design and it supports drives up to 6TB. How old is this design if it is limited to only 3TB drives? This seems more appropriate for Big Lots than Massdrop.
Ain't nobody gonna pay for that.
It's funny how this keeps popping up on Massdrop. I purchased one of these back in 2007 but the one with an esata connection. It is a great product though.
Not a bad dock but not eSATA. I clicked on this specifically because I thought it was eSATA. The title is misleading and definitely should be changed.
still says esata in description too.
Just to be clear, the esata you were wanting was from dock -> computer not hdd->dock correct?
(so we can make sure they know what's up)
Yes. Straight esata, not esata to USB. That's just USB with an adapter built in.
I recently scored a 7200 rpm HDD from work, with the intention of using it to install more games, but I don't have a desktop rig yet. (Gaming laptop for now). Can I use this with my gaming laptop?
You would be bottlenecked by the usb transfer speeds.
Here is a good read on the subject.
So is it eSATA or not because the picture shows only usb3, this is my first drop, it would be nice that it was what was advertised and actually a good deal or it may be my last.......
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The original was USB2 and eSATA. I owned it, but sold it (for some reason they were selling on ebay for a ton of cash). The eSATA was kind of fake. I think it was a converter-type job, not real eSATA. The USB3 model is actually way faster, just make sure you are using a real USB3 port, not some adapter card. Those adapter cards are slower than USB2.

Also, if you plan on copying large spinning hard drives, get a fat. They get HOT. SSD's are fine. You can copy them without issues, same thing for smaller amounts of data on HDD's, but if you image a TB or more you really want some kind of active cooling, especially if you have two next to each other.

Overal though, this is a really good dock for the money.