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Thonet & Vander Kugel Wooden Bookshelf Speakers

Thonet & Vander Kugel Wooden Bookshelf Speakers

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Deleted, wrong product drop
As to the ongoing conversation regarding the manufacturers identity and pedigree--if these speakers actually were designed and produced in Germany as alluded to, they sure as hell wouldn't be selling on MD for $180!
Next point: it's pretty much a given these days that if some product "X" wasn't specifically manufactured in some country "Y", then it most likely follows that product was probably built or assembled in CHINA--so get over it. Further, if these speakers were built in somewhere in South America, using components sourced from somewhere in Asia what difference would that make to the product's function? Again, especially at the price offered?
Now to the important issue: does anyone actually own a pair of these (with the proper plug for their country), and can anyone attest to the operability and the sound-quality of these things? I wouldn't expect them to be JBL beaters, but it would be nice if they actually worked, and sounded acceptable.
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Ray I own 2 pair and also bought one of their hubs that allow you to stream music to both at the same time. They have great power and great bass. I am thinking of buying a 3rd since the other two I paid 299 ea on Amazon.
Well, that's the sort of info we're all looking for here--the straight dope! I saw them on Amazon too and the reviews weren't bad. I might spring for a pair to use in the bedroom or even in the bathroom for showering or shaving.
Appreciate the feedback!
Mine arrived but have an Australian V type power cord. Can't plug the into an Amercan outlet.

Have you contacted the manufacturer - they really have great customer service. I bet they would send you a plug immediately
Now I find this quite hellarious, the vendor limits it's shipment to the US and they ship you their Australian export version and I live in Australia and can't get in on it. ūü§®
Really need to put photos on the drop page showing all of the back photos. Also a link to an owners manual wouldn't hurt. I shouldn't have to scroll the discussion to find those details. Massdrop seriously needs to review the review process they use before drops go live.
0 chance of that. I've been pointing out various errors and omissions for years now, and MD cares little about fixing them (some errors remain in drop titles/descriptions) or making sure that errors do not occur in the first place.
come on people this is some rebrand chinese speakers, fron Argentina. nothing is from Germany, neither design or construction, here are some pages that talk about: but in Spanish (jejeje)
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well maybe you can tell me the right word to use when a description from a product said "German Enginered" and the true is that they are desing in the U.S. and manufacture in china. because for me that is cheating, just as the dictionary describes it: act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage. but well I give you the chance, to tell me the right word, and I can change it, so you don't feel insulted...
'Even Apple does not manufacture one product outside of china.' Looks at Mac Pro 'Made in USA'.
Honestly these look pretty bad. Although I tend to not trust any drop that doesn't post it's frequency response with it.
I see in the specs 40hz to 20kHz
Sorry, frequency response graph.
Here it is.

Here is the back
Thank you from 6 weeks in the future! ;-)
It would be nice to see photos of the speaker backs.
Does anyone know how would these compare to Edifier R1850DB?
The kugel has double the wattage in RMS 140 vs 70 watts on the R1850DB Also it has a 6.5" driver vs a 4" mid range One other point is the bi- amp one for the Highs (treble) and one for the deep bass. Most individuals feel that a subwoofer is not necessary for great bass
has anyone confirmed that these do indeed have inputs OTHER THAN blutooth: RCA and or optical? Why would this not be mentioned in specs?
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no 1 RCA and 1 S/PDIF
Ok yep that's not the picture I found searching but looks like yours checks out.
Got a pair of this brand (bigger model) for my dad. They're pretty good for the price in my opinion (and based on my limited experience).
The requestors moving so slow. Wish it was faster.
How is this compared to the Kanto YU5?
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The kanto is 160 peak vs the Kugel is 700 w peak Also the driver is 6.5" vs 5.25"
These points aren't really worth mentioning....
I too missed this drop... what was the drop price again? The price is $369 on most sites..
How are these speakers compared with the hivi m50w? What are the audio inputs/outputs or is it Bluetooth only?
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It also has RCA, and optical
Bluetooth, RCA and optical
How do we get more buyers? Would love to buy another pair of these at this incredible price
It needs to be put under the Audiophile category instead of Tech. I'd have never seen this drop had I not been bored and just decided to explore.
how don we get this changed
Hey Everybody, Went back to the vendor and was able to get a much better cost for the community. Not only did the price drop but now there is also free US Shipping. Cheers.
Great news
how can this be changed to audiophile. One buyer said that we need to get more looks to unlock and it is in the wrong categorey
Finally, speakers that won't look terrible on my desk. Anyone recommend a subwoofer to go along with this?
anyone know if these have a subwoffer output? Can't find it anywhere, even on the website.
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How much was the drop? I missed i and bought a Kanto YU5 instead. Regretted.
You can connect to the RCA it has auto switch in and out
LOL, $150 shipping to Australia. Just make it USA only rather than have those stupid prices quoted. Also, as mentioned, a photo of the fronts only is also clueless.
Yeah, we miss out again due to transit charges. Shipping anything to Convict Town that has large size and weight, will bleed you : (
Did some more research. You can find these much cheaper on ebay.
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This drop is for the 70w(rms) 6.5inch model. The model you posted from best buy is the 60w(rms) 5.25inch model.
oh yeah, i didnt catch that. Massdrop is the bomb :D
They kind of look like B&W speakers. Can anyone find reviews? I've been waiting for the Swan M200MKIII's to redrop but I might get these if they are similar in sound quality.
What are the BT specs for these speakers?
4.0 BT
I bought a pair of these on Amazon at $100 more. The sound quality is great. Very deep bass and high HIs. Very easy to pair. The volume is amazing with no distortion whatsoever. The remote does everything or you can use the side panel for all your adjustments. It also has an optical input which I have used to connect to my TV. I would definitely recommend them I am probably buying another set for my girlfriend.
I have the Grund speaker from T&V. The sound is very good, clean bass, and well balanced highs. The bluetooth connectivity on a high end speaker is awesome and they are easy to connect to my cellphone, tablet and receiver. These should work nicely.
YES, an actual photo showing the most important part of this speaker set, is it's input section which they have in the past provided for numerous other speaker sets.
The description leaves a lot to be desired. Such as a closeup of the remote, and the input panel. Also, it states they have an LED light effect in the description, but no video demonstration of the effect, or how it's controlled.