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Greatly improved sound of P1.
I got a 2.5 when I ordered a 3.5. I was sure I ordered a 3.5 but now it says I ordered a 2.5. A wonderful waster of money
I've gotten 2.5mm instead of 3.5mm. What now?
I have gotten a 3.5mm instead of the requested 2.5mm TRRS balanced cable.
So people are voicing getting what appears to be a wrong cable. I have gotten a 3.5mm instead of the requested 2.5mm TRRS balanced cable. I only got this for the balanced option....
me too!
I got the opposite, I received a 2.5mm TRRS and I ordered a 3.5mm cable...
It's also absurdly sloppy to not list in the description that the pins are .78 mm.
Did I mess up with my order? Is the 3.5mm smaller than the 2.5 trrs? That seems counter intuitive to me, mayube I just don't understand properly.

If that was a mistake on my end, can anyone show me a cheap adapter to use this small 3.5 on my iphone, thanks.
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I don't think it's a scrutiny type of thing, it's more like sop. They need to be able to account for all the inconsistencies and then be able to track the source of the issue.
i sent them an email and got an initial response but its been 2 days since my last reply.
Which one is compatible with fiio f9 looking for a balanced which one to select
Yes these do work on audeze
Would either of these options work for Primo8? I am looking for a set of balanced cables for them
photos & descriptions need fixed.
- header photo shows MMCX with TRS (which is not available)
- photo down below (just above specs) 2 pin with 3.5mm - shows a 3.5mm TRRS connector which would normally be for a 3.5mm mic'd cable. hoping it's not a 3.5mm TRRS for balanced.
- there is nothing in the name or descriptions (the whole page for that matter) that says any of these, the 2.5mm included, are balanced. (which i'm pretty sure they are. but clarify for those that may not know)
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Thanks for the reply. i Just noticed this is what they show in the pictures for 3.5 2pin the other 3.5 that looks correct is only mmcx. I guess I need to ask massdrop support
The cable in your hand there is a 2.5mm trrs cable for sure.

Here's how mine got shipped. The 2.5 mm mmxc cable is above the 3.5mm .78 two pin cable I received. The giveaway is size and the 3 black bands on the 2.5mm connector instead of 2 bands.
would the 2-pin be compatible with the tfz series 4
Yes. That is the standard for tfz. So far they fit all my TFZ IEMs.
If I need a cable for my sony xba a2 mmcx whivh type do i choose?
The MMCX would be the choice but the one offered is a balanced connection only, you'd probably need an adapter to use on an unbalanced (3.5 Stereo) device. Also your Sony's look to have a locking MMCX connection, this one doesn't look to have that feature.