Visconti Rembrandt Fountain Pensearch

Visconti Rembrandt Fountain Pen

Visconti Rembrandt Fountain Pen

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Doesnt really have any discount ... real disappointed with the pricing.....
Does the Pen come with a converter?
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I haven’t been able to find one that fits. The Viscont Deluxe doesn’t fit. I was told that it did. If you find one please let me know. Thank y.
I just tried installing a spare std international style converter I had laying around and it seems to fit well. Haven't inked it up though.
Disappointed, wouldn't buy another without being able to try it out first. The quality control must be severely lacking at Visconti. The pen arrived loose in the box with ink everywhere, and for a pen that costs this much it should have no problems writing, the one thing a pen is expected to do. Constant hard starts and skipping. Pretty sad when much less expensive, Pilot and TWSBI pens, are better writers than this. The most this has going for it is that it looks good and the magnetic cap is cool. I will most likely have to pay someone to fix the ink flow issues. Sad thing is that I really want to like it, so frustrating. ☹️
I am also very disappointed in the quality of this pen. There is a converter pictured and it did not come with one. Why is it in the picture. I will not purchase anything from Massdrop against as I feel the ad is disingenuous.

I went with the Eclipse with fine nib. No one else seems to have those shades with a fine nib. Will MD be able to deliver what no one else will?
I can't believe I missed a red with a broad nib! Maybe next time.
I just received my pen few days ago. I am currently using the blue ink cartridge come with the pen. When I am writing, the ink keeps breaking, so a part of the words are blank. I really like the body of this pen. What I can do with the ink breaking issue?
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I ended up returning mine after similar issues. 🙈
Me too.
Do some of the proceeds still go to that children's hospital?
Is it my imagination or is this the first Visconti drop in over a year?

If so, does this suggest we might see other Visconti drops in the near future or have I just not seen the regular Visconti drops happening in the meantime?

And now there's a van gogh drop...
There was a Homo sapiens drop less than a month ago.
A converter is pictured, but not listed with the package contents. Is a converter included?
Same here!
Did you have to buy one separate?
A few Visconti converters I can find say not compatible with Rembrandt ....
Sorry MassDrop...prices on other sites (with free shipping) are better. Really disappointed that even with a group buy the prices are higher than on other sites. And I can get the pen much faster there.

Hopefully your next drop will be better.

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Thanks I will have a look on eBay then. Cheers
Good Luck! Do look at the best offers options there too. They quote a higher base price but might be open to a lower price (or so I have found in the past)... Personally I would prefer to buy from MassDrop but I wish they had been able to negotiate a lower price...ah well...hopefully next time.

Do let me know if you find a great deal. :)