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Massdrop Blue Box: Vsonic IEMs

Massdrop Blue Box: Vsonic IEMs

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A year later, the left side of my VSD2Si has quit. I actually enjoyed these and even used them as stage monitors quite a few times. :(
Lasted two months and the cable split away from the left earbud in the VSD2Si's I got from this. They were cheap. But I'm still not super impressed
I received the GR07 and am enjoying them immensely. Thanks massdrop!
I received the New VSD5S and sounds GREAT! Is my first Drop on MassDrop and I'm really happy :)

What's the weight of your package? 😁
Ahahah I don't know :)
Out of 3 IEM Blue Boxes I participated in recently, my Vsonic VSD1si's are the only pair with a balanced frequency response. One pair (Brainwavz) is painfully bright, and another (BlueEverBlue) is very muddy. How difficult is it to make IEMs with a reasonably flat response? I think I'll skip the next Blue Boxes.
Anyone with the VSD1S find that if they move slightly you just get a huge amount of white noise? If I move whatever I have the earphone plugged into it seems to go static until you move it back into a position that it likes.
Seems, almost all got VSD1S a 2. And almost coloured. Goodbye Massdrop.
Not dong anyone a disservice except yourself. Doesn't matter, though, you clearly don't know how odds work.
Can anyone who can read it confirm whether or not the tag on the VSD3 suggests burn in? I may have to extract them from the drawer where I retire all of my shitty audio equipment that isn't worth selling and give them another shot if so.
It says something about burning them in for 100 hours and that the sound will be more pleasant after that...
The VSD1S have comic sans on the earphones. Well done VSonic.
is that sarcasm i detect? hehe...
i got them too and it's got that "not serious" choice of fonts on it.
So, i don't take them seriously.
Yes it is sarcasm
Still waiting here in Australia ( Expected this so I don't mind)
any idea what a 0.275 lbs package would be.
It has now been 14 days since the date they were shipped. I have still not recieved mine, and at first it was shipped through Asendia USA, a company I have never heard of before. This company not only stopped tracking my package at the Canadian border, they did not even supply a link which I could use to track it through the new postal company. I am not sure whether this is common practice, but to me it is just bad service.
same, havent recieved mine yet got the notification that said it was shipped two weeks ago
Got the VSD1Si today. Am I the only person who cares about the inline mic? Because it doesn't seem to work with my iPhone 6S. Press the button, nothing. Hold the button, nothing.
Other than that, gotta say I'm surprised. Audio sounds clear and balanced, though I haven't done burn-in yet. Fits very comfortably in my ear with the large buds, too. Too bad the cable feels fragile as hell.
Update: I think my inline mic is defective... started working all of a sudden today and then it died soon after. Am I eligible for a replacement?
In case people are wondering (because they didn't include a manual): press once for play/pause, press twice for next song, and press thrice for previous song/rewind. Standard stuff.
Could be a bad connection with the headphone jack?

I got the VSD1si, and the inline mic works well with my iPhone 6S