Lansky Deluxe 4-Stone Diamond Sharpening Systemsearch

Lansky Deluxe 4-Stone Diamond Sharpening System

Lansky Deluxe 4-Stone Diamond Sharpening System

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How is this site still a thing? 5sec google search has the 5 stone system for $34
its probably not the diamond stones, which cost much more and has only 4 stones?
Just joined massdrop, my fiirst time here. This is the first link i clicked. FYI better version of this are mass-manufactured and sold on amazon UK for much cheaper. What gives????
This diamond deluxe version seems kinda course. Would have preferred a higher grit/strop included. This would be good for reprofiling jobs but you wld have to buy higher grits I think for a decent finish on pocket knives
You can get the 5-stone for a lot less (typically) on Amazon FYI
Is that with the diamond?
No just standard 5-stone but I figured for people that don't need 4-stone Diamond that option is available as well.
I have this set as well as a couple of the finer grit stones (ultra fine and sapphire). Unless you practice a lot with it and learn how to minimize the movement between the rod, clamp, and blade it is pretty hard to get a good edge. I can get my knives shaving sharp now but it took a while to achieve. If you sharpen knives frequently and/or have high-quality ones you want to keep sharp you could put in more time to learn free-hand on a water stone/diamond stone or buy something more expensive to avoid the hassle. I also take a picture of each knife in the clamp during the first sharpening to ensure it's lined up the same way next time. This would also be bad for any blade longer than about 5 inches (13cm), and even that is pushing it. You'll probably have to clamp in at least 2 different spots for long blades (I wouldn't go past 4 inches (10cm) per blade/section).
It's cheaper on Amazon and it's missing the stand or clamp so you can use it.
I bought this set on amazon, which is $63 dollars in US amazon right now. I have to say it is pretty frustrating to use. A needed accessory to this is something to mount the knife clamp on. Lansky's desk clamp which is like $12, or by making your own. This is a needed accessory to this kit, since trying to do anything with this in your right hand is terrible. Even with the desk clamp, the hole it slots into on the knife clamp does not go in all the way. Only half the knife clamp has a hole for the desk clamp to secure it. This clamp is dancing around as you are sharpening, making things inconsistent. I guarantee as you are using this, you will tell yourself, "wow this is kinda stupid." I don't know enough if there is a another sane cheap system like this you can buy instead, just know I really don't look forward to ever breaking this out.

Maybe I should clarify this unit gets the job done, although small, the stones work. The guide holes are quite big so the angle gives some variability as you are sharpening which sucks, but not the biggest deal. At smaller angles you always hit against the knife clamp with your stone, which is the worst. You damage your stone, and the knife clamp this way, if you go for anything under 20 degree's with pocket knife. I wish I sharpened knifes enough to justify getting a real guided sharpening system like the tsprof system.

If your needs are similar to mine, and you mostly need it for kitchen and regular pocket knives even high end ones, I'd look into the work sharp electric sharpenders which would cost a little more than this unit. I hear they have a slightly rounded knife edge like a knife after polishing on leather, rather than a more traditional V shaped edge. Also their electric units are not prone to messing up on the tips of curved knives, such as the angle based clamp systems like lansky's are prone to.
?????????????????? $ 71.43 for New Jersey. Massdrop wtf its 62 shipped on amazon. You guys are really dropping the ball lately.
Pretty sure I just got the 5 stone kit from here in January for 35$
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You ever hear about S110V? I think I mentioned it earlier. It's one of the toughest steels on the market with remarkable edge retention, and a huge pain to work with.

Also, good for you for keeping your knives sharp. Which ones do you have, and what steels do they use?
Ever catch a few hundred panfish between a dozen people and need to clean them all? And any serious knife work outdoors or in the kitchen will cause some serious sharpening to be required at some very soon point in the future.
I got this same kit from MD for 37.99 back in August. 59.99 is way to high a price.
Nope , new blade guy was right. MD had the diamond kit on sale for under $40 back in August.
Looks like same system available on Amazon US & Canada for less.
and they are garbage, bought one earlier this year and glad I didn't pay quite this much for the exact same thing
Just spend the money and buy some dmt diamond stones....they'll last a lifetime and are dead flat for getting an edge...don't ever go cheap on sharpening equipment, it'll always end in regret.
I have had my Lansky system since 1995. It still functions perfectly. DMT is quality stuff but you have to guess your angle. It is good for large things like axes and machetes.
I mean if you camber your edge then you really only have to be vaugely accurate, at least I've found, now on knives and stuff thats not true, I'm talking about plane irons and chisels, but you can make a honing guide for knives for next to nothing, all you need is the tiniest piece of square wood, and then you just cut an angle on it and rest the blade on it as you sharpen.