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Cool Caps in Denim, Corduroy & More

Based in New York City, Qilo Headwear was founded by a pair of college friends who shared a love for five-panel caps. It launched with a single design: a five-panel cap with an allover pineapple print. These days, the company makes a variety of one-size-fits-all styles in combinations of denim, corduroy, microfiber suede, and nylon with adjustable straps. There are hats embroidered with Qilo’s central motif—the pineapple—and others inspired by philosopher Lao Tzu’s quote, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” The YHWH caps are done in colors that symbolize water and wine, while the MultiCam pieces keep you covered with wind- and water-resistant 500d poly-coated nylon.

Note: At checkout, choose from a range of styles and colors. See all options below.

Qilo Headwear

Model – Color

Pineapple Suede Dad Hat - Dark Olive
Pineapple Suede Cap - Cream
Pineapple Two-Tone Cap - Cream Corduroy & Powder Blue Suede
Yahweh Cap - Waters
Yahweh Cap - Wine
Pineapple Two-Tone Cap - Midnight & Gunmetal
Pineapple Two-Tone Cap - Steel Blue & Corduroy
Pineapple Two-Tone Cap - Denim & Corduroy
Pineapple Corduroy Cap - Pine Green
Multicam Cap - Alpine
Multicam Cap - Original
Multicam Cap - Black
Minimal Cap - Desert Suede / Multicam
Multicam 5-Panel - Black
Multicam 5-Panel - Alpine
Multicam 5-Panel - Original
Two-Tone Camp Cap - Multicam & Oak
Two-Tone Camp Cap - Desert & Multicam
Qilogram Cap - Midnight


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