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MaceTech RGB LED Shades Kit

MaceTech RGB LED Shades Kit

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Far out
Hi guys,
Are RGB LED Shade Glasses also programmable? Or just the LED Shades.
Both are Arduino compatible and fully programmable :)
I have mine, and it seems to be working well enough out of the box, but I can’t get it to appear as a serial port in the Arduino IDE (v 1.8.5) on OS X (v 10.10.5). I have followed all the instructions on the MaceTech product setup page, installed the FastLED library, the RGB Shades code, and the Silabs Drivers (even tried the FTDI drivers), but that didn’t make any difference. The device does appear in the list of USB devices connected in the OS X System Information window:

but not in the Arduino IDE:

Any idea what I might be doing wrong or what I can do to fix this?
FWIW: I reached out to MaceTech on this as well and it turns out that installing the previous version of Silabs' drivers (included in the download) worked! Super helpful support.
I recently got mine and was very excited to build it... Until I discovered that one of the LED's is defective. Plus I'm missing two hex nuts to secure the earpieces to the main shades. Shame. Contacted support and am currently waiting for a response.

Video of my unit:
Thanks for picking these up, and sorry to hear about the problems! Based on the video you posted, we're already in contact over email and working with you directly to repair/replace anything broken or missing. Our screws and nuts are bagged by our PCB supplier and I will bring it up to them for future production.
This looks like an interesting way to attract men.
BTW, the matrix shades are not open source hardware. Only the RGB ones are.
Are there seriously that many people out there that want to look like a complete and total dork that cause these ridiculous glasses to keep showing up here every two or three weeks?
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I intend to wear this during eskate group rides. Since most group rides in NYC happen during the night, plus we like blasting music while bombing the streets of NYC, these are perfect.
Treat yourself
What modules can I attach to it to make it wifi/bluetooth enabled?
macegr may have some ideas here...
We're working on some ideas, but in the meantime someone on Adafruit did a full conversion to bluetooth:
What is the experience like wearing them? Can you see normal? Could you wear these late at night and still be fully functional?
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Hi wickett! (I helped make these things.) In low-light conditions, you can still see pretty well through the slats. There is not much reflection of light towards the wearer. The brightness can be easily adjusted to improve visibility, also.

Full brightness is way too bright for the people around you if it is very dark (i.e. at a bar in the evening). But that can be fun, too :p
Oh, and as far as just regular out-and-about wearing, I wouldn't say you can see "normal" (don't drive with them on), but I've walked around with them on for hours at a time and had no problem.

My biggest complaint: people can't see your eyes when you are speaking with them, and eye contact can be important for communication!
I would love to own one of this but I need a inner size of at least 15cm to fit my giant head.
This is just way too small for me lol.
Sorry, it seems like they are about 3cm too small :(
Is there a way to code a text marquee into the RGB shades?
The messages.h file contains some messages, and there is a tutorial on the Macetech site with how to modify it.

I believe it comes with that code already loaded.
Awesome. Thanks for the reply! I'm stoked to get mine!