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Is there a way to code a text marquee into the RGB shades?
The messages.h file contains some messages, and there is a tutorial on the Macetech site with how to modify it.

I believe it comes with that code already loaded.
Awesome. Thanks for the reply! I'm stoked to get mine!
I want the Shades Audio Sensor to go with these.

Any chance of adding that option to the drop?
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But how do I pay for it, if it's not an option on the drop?
That's up to Massdrop :) I was just talking aloud through some of the process we'd need to implement first.
Are there any forums or tutorials on coding your own patterns?
It's basically Arduino programming, the shades use the Atmega328, the same chip.
Here is an extremely basic tutorial on making a simple pattern:

Otherwise, I would recommend learning general coding and comparing with the code available on github:
Having got my order for the RGB (Multi-colored) shades; here's my take.

They are easy to assemble... provided you get all the parts. Make sure the first thing you do is to take inventory of the parts. I was almost done with assembly before I realized I was missing 1 screw nut. There were no spare parts included even though the manual suggests there are.

The carrying case is a joke, it didn't even fit the shades at all. Don't count on it.

When assembled... they are freaking cool. They look great and fun. I haven't yet hooked them to a computer but I fully intend to. Will add more info as I have it.
Sorry for the late response here, and sorry to hear about the missing piece! We've seen that only once or twice over hundreds of shipments. If you contact us directly we'd be happy to either send you missing parts or exact specs for a local replacement. We've had no problems putting the shades in the case, one small hint is that the controller PCB should fold down first, and then the blank side should fold on top of that for a compact package.
Thanks for the belated reply macegr

I did find a replacement nut, it wasn't too bad; just brought the screw into my local hardware shop and tried a bunch one until one fit. A little bigger than the original one but still works fine.

I figured out the same thing, the case that came with the shades wouldn't accept the shades at the longest part, it just is simply impossible. Maybe I got a crap case in my shipment? Either way, I had an old glasses case laying around that has a bit more structure so it protects them better anyway.
can you check my order?
Does the RGB version have an onboard battery? Dosent appear that way on the pictures.
You need your own battery pack to power these.
Are these easy enough to set up and program?
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See the response from /u/jdmounge who helped create this:

We have instructions for assembling and programming them here:
They are pretty easy to assemble and do not require any fancy tools. They are also already programmed to work out of the box. To reprogram them, you have to go download an application, download a zip file of code, unzip it to the right place, select some things, plug the Shades in, and go. Adding text patterns (i.e. "MASSDROP RULES") is pretty straight forward. Adding your own patterns and crazy stuff requires an ability to modify existing or write new code.
I do know a lot of non-technical people that have successfully added their own text patterns for different events :)
yes - these are amazing – I already had the predecessor! took me 10 mins to assemble and get them running
gonna throw my RayBans away and use these for driving into the sunset
I got 2 pair of these straight from their site and it's great! Used them at a few outdoor EDM festivals and they are extremely bright. Scripted in some new patterns and added the sound detection. If you don't want too much attention at the events, don't get them lol.